Inkscape design smaller in dashboard

I am so glad the Glowforge community is so helpful. Thank you!

I am not that great with graphic programs and don’t know much about graphic design so bear with me. I made a design in Inkscape with 1/2" squares but when I upload the image to the Dashboard the squares are 1/8". Everything else seems to pull up proportionately. It is just the squares. Why is this and what do I need to do for them to come up actual size?

Thanks for the help! I appreciate it!

That is very strange behavior if everything else in the file was opened in the interface at the correct size.

Did you save the file as a Plain Inkscape file? Would you care to share the file so someone with Inkscape skills can take a look and try to replicate the problem?

A short term solution may be to save the file as a pdf.

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material test template

Here is my file. I don’t know if it will help. I really don’t know what I am doing so it is probably something really easy. Thank you!

When I open this file in Inkscape, the squares are .089"
When I open the file in the Glowforge, the squares are also .089

How did you create the squares, and when you open the file in Inkscape are the squares .5"?

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Weird. When I open it in Inkscape they are .5 inches. Haven’t tried it on the GF.
The problem may be that you are not exporting it at 96dpi?
In Inkscape:
Imported Images

When I look at this file in Outline mode, there are tiny .089" squares within the colored squares.
I am using an older version of Inkscape on a Mac

You can easily change the square sizes in the Glowforge interface to .5". When I open the file in he Glowforge all of the rectangles default to cut - you will want to switch that to engrave, and there are some variable issues with the text elements.

Here is the exported design from my Glowforge with .5" squares changed in the interface;
new design(10)


When I bring up on the dashboard it will only let me change it to engrave but won’t let me resize it. Whenever I click on it, it highlights the whole image. I made the squares in Inkscape with the square tool and entered .5" into the width and height boxes. I’m not sure where the outline came from. If those are gone would it pull up correctly on the dashboard?

Thank you! It is at 96dpi.

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Maybe you need to ungroup the file. Click the file, then command shift g. The file will be ungrouped and you should be able to resize the squares.


I’m sorry for the trouble when using the app and that your design isn’t the correct size when it’s uploaded. It looks like you’ve already received some great information so far from our other community members. Thanks folks!

I took a look at the SVG that you shared, and had a quick thought: Was this design saved as a plain SVG? If not, or if you’re unsure, would you please try following our support guide on how to save your file as a Plain SVG in Inkscape, try uploading it again after it’s been re-saved, and then let us know how it goes?

Here is a link to the guide: QUICK: Saving SVG Design Files

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Thanks for the help everyone!

After looking at my design for way too long, I figured out that my squares were made with a large stroke and also filled in. I made them with no stroke and they appeared like they do when I pull up the file on the dashboard. From there I adjusted the size to .5" and “ta-da”…They pulled up correctly!

Moral of the story…check your fill and stroke settings!! (and maybe know a little about design programs! LOL)


Thank you so much for the follow-up.

I’m glad that you’re able to get to where you needed to be. We’ll get this closed out now, but reach out if you have any other questions.