Inkscape + EasySketch Pro = easy/fun animations

Continuing the discussion from Animation Software suggestions or advice?:

Thanks to all who gave animation software suggestions in above-mentioned discussion. I’ve been playing with/reviewing all of them (and will soon have a bunch of intro-to- videos posted somewhere).

Like many on the forum, I’ve been using Inkscape to prep for use on GF projects, and I discovered that Inkscape’s .svg files are very easy to animate with a cheap/fun little tool called EasySketch Pro, which does “whiteboard” animations where a hand draws the “paths” (lines and stuff) in the .svg file. [tons of tutorials on youtube]

here’s an example (sorry if it is too “adult”, but it is my funniest / self-deprecating haiku):


LOL, I can so relate :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend wrote back that as she is now approaching 70, she finds it even funnier. (I’m 47 and was thinking of how different things were at 17.) So, sadly, I think over the years I’ll have to change that first line from “thirty years ago” to “forty”, “fifty”, etc!


I was wondering how you did that in the video!