Inkscape Elliptical Box Help - No Longer Needed!

Besides posting a few of my projects over the years and being inspired by the amazing projects others have done I haven’t been a big participant on this forum. But now I need a little help.

Several years ago I designed a coaster set using Inkscape’s Elliptical Box Maker extension. I’ve made many sets over the years for friends, family, and work using the same basic design. Now I have a request for a bigger coaster and hence a bigger coaster holder. The holder was designed with the Inkscape extension.

Because of updates the extension no longer worked on my computer. I’ve spent many, many hours over the last several days reinstalling different older versions of Inkscape and the Extension files (the Helper files too). And yes, I have read and followed every article I could find on the Internet and in the Glowforge community. Jules’ post from 2021 was very clear and easy to follow. But I failed.

So I am asking if there is anyone out there with a working Elliptical Box Maker extension that can help by creating a file with the following settings. It would be very much appreciated.

UPDATE: Yah! I found an old computer that had a working version. Thanks for any intended help.

Coaster Holder



Sorry I don’t use Inkscape - but would one of the flexi box generator options work for you at


Thank you for the reply. I’ve used that site for many of my projects. I can get a round box, but it doesn’t have the tongue and groove like I want.


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