Inkscape Question: Lines different colors

Sometimes I surprise myself and can do something “complicated” in Inkscape (which I did today)….and other times I get stumped on something that I’m sure is very rudimentary.

With that disclaimer said…:joy:

Can someone walk me through how to make the inner line a different color from the outer line? As it is now, everything is joined/grouped together (I imported this design, didn’t draw it myself).

(I tried a few different things, but they didn’t work.)



Ungroup, or path-break apart.


As stated, then select the individual line, press shift (to select the stroke color) and presto - a separate operation to designate as a cut.


I made a quick video for Inkscape:
My guess is you did a “Difference” to create this shape, which leaves you with a compound path, which you then have to “Break apart”:

Hope this helps!


@eflyguy @PrintToLaser @jestelle
You guys are awesome ~ THANK YOU!

I had tried “break apart” but couldn’t change the color….but after watching you fiddle with the colors in your video, @jestelle I switched from “HSL” to “RGB” & that did the trick! A video’s worth a thousand words. :smiley:

Thanks so much for your time! :pray:t3:


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