Inkscape script text not connecting when doing an engrave

I have read many many posts about this so is the process. Type the word, text to path, Un group then union ? Do I need to input object to path then save ? Thank you. Every time I engrave it looks good on Inkscape but you see where the letters don’t connect in cursive


You have the steps right (and @timjedwards confirmed) but it’s slightly dependent on the font whether that will work correctly. I’d have to see your file to know for sure, but there’s a very small outside chance the letters look like they’re connected but they’re just barely not…(and so the Union might not work. Shapes need to be overlapping for Union to merge them) you can only be sure by looking at the nodes or using outline view.

95%+ of the time though those steps are exactly correct.


It’s more like Type the word, then object to path, ungroup, then union. I don’t have a text to path option, only a put on path option.


Ok so I do not have a convert to shapes, went through everything. If there’s a magic key please let me know :joy: I did however find the outline version which was awesome to see. I did what the last post described. Ran a test and it worked but I’m hesitant to say that it will work with all script and that is why I’d like to know as much wisdom you can give in non tech terms. Thank you all

What I described is the process I use for all text. Before unioning them, I usually move them how I want them then union. The key is the first part, object to path. After that, they won’t be text anymore and can be edited as any other shape. As long as everything is ungrouped, then they can be unioned together.


So by putting them in outline view I should move them if they are not touching and once the shapes/script letters are overlapping then apply union so those tiny gaps that may show won’t.? Am I getting the gist of it ?

If I’m understanding correctly you are trying to have union create connections where there are gaps?
If so, that’s not what union does. If there are physical gaps between letter shapes you’ll have to either move them so they touch/overlap or manually edit the anchor points (I think Inkspace calls them nodes?) so that the artwork looks the way that you like.

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I definitely see what you mean. Those nodes are such a pain. I wish they would update to have it form solid. That would make my life soooo much easier😊