InkScape SVG file not exported in correct size

I don’t understand why you are messing with settings. In possibly 10 years of using Inkscape, I have never touched them other than to change the background color and set the workspace size. I have never had to change anything other than setting it up again when I load a new version.

I draw shapes just like evermorian posted above, and they load and print at precisely the size they are defined in Inkscape (minus the kerf, of course.)

Well, the problem is that I can’t print like you do. I never “messed” around with the settings. The very first object I made did not print the correct size. Only then did I start to “mess” around with the settings.

Im also talking about the sizing of objects, your screenshot above shows where you defined the x and y radius as 40mm. That is not the size of the object.


A circle with a defined radius of 40mm is 80mm in total size, i.e. 3.15" or so.

This is where you define object size.


I didn’t know that, thank you !!!

I was away from my computer and tried what you suggested, and you are 100% correct! I did not realize I was making a circle that was 80x80mm I thought the measurement was the diameter, not the radius. Thank you so much for your help


Glad that worked out!

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