Inkscape Troubles Making Cane Letters

Hey Guys! I am struggling with a design that I am using for my daughters room. I want to make letters C and H. I am trying to make the Canes Letter on Inkscape.

I bought the Cane Design (SVG) from Etsy. I got the design to go inside the letter by using the “clipping tool” and it looked perfect. uploaded it to Glowforge app and of course it doesn’t recognize the clipping tool (error message)

I tried to make it a pattern worked, but it won’t let me change the pattern scale.

does anyone know of a good YouTube video or have instructions for me? Im so frustrated at this, I’ve been working on and off on this for 3 days now. lol

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The Glowforge interface does not process clipping paths, as the error informs you. Lots of discussions and help solving this issue: Search results for 'clipping paths ' - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thank you.

I highly recommend you search through some videos on the YouTube site “Logos by Nick”. You will find info in there that will help you do what you want.


Thank you so much! Im so frustrated with this. Lol. I will moat defiantly check this out!!

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No problem. If you still can’t figure things out and you are able to post your file on here someone will show you how to do it.


Nick also has a web site where you can sign up for a more detailed course and one-on-one support. It’s $17 for lifetime access.

He does other graphic design courses as well.


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