Hi I’m new to inkspace, using it to just ungroup objects to delete and arrange as necessary to layout objects where they fit in gf workspace. but when i import it seems only text is making it through to inkspace. any ideas what I am doing wrong?

What program are the files created in? You are exporting a DXF file?

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Hi, no importing them into inkscape I have tried opening svg pdf and jpeg

I’ve seen other programs produce SVGs with the objects very far away from the specified origin. Also some programs give no fill or stroke so it appears invisible in Inkscape. And a fairly common way to not see anything is to use “document scale” when importing DXF and you end up with something so large, it can’t be seen unless you zoom waay out. Solution is different for each of the three cases.


You might attach an example file that demonstrates the difficulty and that you don’t mind sharing on a semi-public forum.

Edit: file

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Are you setting up your document art board to 20 by 12"? That helps with positioning and you can put guides where you can’t cut or engrave on the margins.

But best would be to post a file here for us to check it out and see.

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here’s one of the files I have tried

The information on the lines is in there, it just doesn’t have a defined stroke style.

  1. CTRL+A to select everything.
  2. Open the Stroke Style palette.
  3. Give it a stroke width of 1 pixel.

(You might want to remove the file from your post now if it was a purchased file …it’s copyrighted.) :wink:

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I agree on this, but need to point out that even with those dimensions you at times color outside the lines.
If want an ‘always works’ the height should be 10.625 or less. You can go a tad higher, but have to wiggle things a little to find the sweet spot.

That said, I still use 12x20 as a worksheet. Just easier to put things in center using 6 and 10 for coordinates. (needed if doing a tack board operation where position is paramount).

That is a rather large worksheet. I pulled it apart and did pg-1, 2, and 3 in the zip below.
Not sure the green instructions will make sense when pulled apart.

edit: saw where mentioned is a bought or copyright file so removed zip and sent to OP


The 20x12 doc size accomplishes two things primarily:

For SVG files that aren’t created with a defined unit size, the 20x12 aspect ratio is identified and it will scale the design to the intended size.

It allows for exact placement in the file rather than moving stuff around in the UI. If you’re doing projects out of full sheets, this is a nice time saver. You just load your material, load the project and print.


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thank you!

Thanks for the answer @Jules, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!