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Hi everyone! I am a brand new GF owner, and I have a project that I want to do on the GF using Inkspace as my graphic editor…I AM LOST! I have watched so many YouTube videos trying to figure out what I need to do and how I need to do it, and all the videos have different ways to do things and NONE of them have worked for me yet.

I’m attaching my SVG to this post looking for advice on how to get it to do what I want. I want the eagle cut out for placement on a wreath, and all of the details on it scored. I know I need to change the colors on the image. One version to cut and the other to score. So, I’m assuming i’ll need to make two images?
Is there any way one of you pro users can help guide me through what I need to do to get this done in Inkscape? We bought the GF Pro for use in the school I work at, and I’ve been assigned to be the person that learns how everything works. To be honest, I think this is more difficult that I’m up for. I’ve never done graphic work or designs so I have no idea how to use any of it. I chose Inkscape because it is free and I don’t have to pay for a subscription.

Anyone that can tell me my first step would be SO APPRECIATED. Thanks for listening to my rambling cry for help😂


Here you go.
Cut the black
Engrave/score the red


Inkscape can be daunting and I am no expert. Also, my version of Inkscape keeps freezing so this is a down and dirty solution for your current project.

I have the Glowforge Premium subscription, and it has an outline tool that I used to create a cut line of your image. Then I exported the file. You will probably find that there remains a score line outlining the object, which you can delete in Inkscape or you can just leave it for now. Score the black and cut the red and see if this works for you. (47.5 KB)


How I did this:

  • select the image in inkscape
    -path, trace bit map
    -delete original
    -make a duplicate of new one
    -change the color of the duplicate and move to the bottom
    -select the black version and choose path, break apart
    -click path, union
    -Send black to the bottom

I think you mean this the other way around?
(Cut the red, engrave/score the black)


Original seems right.

Red is the details … so engrave / score.
The black seems to be a fill of the background vector so changing that to cut will just cut the outline.


Ah yes that could be. I was reading it as the red was the overall shape and the black bits independent shapes. Would have to download the file to know for sure.


Oh my goodness! This worked perfectly. You guys are awesome. I can’t thank you enough for your advice. Inkscape is indeed very daunting. I’ve got a lot to learn, but with @beerfaced giving me the directions on how to do this, I am now able to do it myself on several easier images. Again, thank you everyone for your help!


Yeah the black is the complete image just like a shadow.


Can’t wait to see how it turned out, and your future projects!

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