Inline exhaust fan

Hello, Newbie here…lol…Is there pics of how the installations goes? I am going to order one asap…what do I need beside the Vivosun 4 inch…? Cheers

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Thank you!!..I originally just had coroplast, but winter is here, going to have to do plywood. Did you use a dryer vent to keep the weather from coming thru?

Yes, the side you can’t see has the little shutters on them. When the time comes (before you know it) to clean the fan, be sure and clean them as well.


Good to know…many thanks again! Cheers…


LMAO! I had ordered a filter (before we knew anything about the filter that ended up being delivered) so my venting was out a small basement window. Since it was only temporary I used some 2" pink foam insulation board.

That was something like 4 years ago :slight_smile:

I did eventually get the filter but I’ve never installed it or even turned it on. The venting works fine and the filter isn’t the GF low-unit that was initially advertised so it’s relegated to its box and awaits use for some indoor Makerfaire or something.

But yeah, I should put in a piece of plywood.

One of these days.



Can someone help me!! I just want to make sure that the side that has the red arrow sticker should be facing out towards the vent. I took it apart and can’t remember now.

Thank you!

Just turn on the fan and see which direction the airflow is. The end blowing out is the end that goes to the vent.


That’s the trick I learned the hard way.:grin:


I too ordered the filter way in advance of understanding the nature of the beast. Managed to sell the unopened box. Initially vented under the front of the garage door because it was easy. It was one of those, just gonna try this sucker out sort of things that lasted over a year. Eventually built a proper adaptor to allow me to vent out of an existing garage vent.


I just installed an inline fan! Terrabloom 4" from I have a very short vent hose to the outside, so it does a fine job. OMG, now I can actually hear myself think while the Forge is running. I had no idea the machine itself made so many funny little noises til now. I did take out the factory fan–absolutely clogged with stuck on gunk, cleaned it and put it away in case I need to put it back in someday. I even got the left side glass top off after reading some posts on how to do it, so it was EASY.


i kept wondering why I had waited so long.

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