Inline Fan and Glowforge Fan - why not?

So I got an inline fan and wow does it make a difference - I can now leave my glowforge running without it disturbing anyone…

But when I cut some hardwood it still creates a lot of smoke so to push the smoke out faster and further why can’t I use both fans… I have the internal fan switched off at the moment as everyone in the online videos shows but I ask myself, why don’t people use both?

You can use both, it won’t harm anything.


Noise was the only issue for me. It’s much quieter without the onboard fan running.


I use both when things are extra smoky, there’s no reason you can’t


the reason I don’t use both is the small fan built into the GF IS the source of that LOUD noise, so I never use it and I had some smokey cuts , I watch tv right next to my machine no issues with sound!

I use a AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan and a Blast Gate!


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