Inline fan / filter for using with glowforge

I’m searching for an additional fan to attach to my glowforge so that it’ll be more efficient in terms of making less noise and (in hope of) reducing the smell from cutting acrylic and woods. My glowforge is in my office and the noise and fumes are my concerns at this point. :slight_smile:
I came across this fan that is primarily meant for grow tents. Do you think it’ll work? How are these things to be connected to glowforge? If you don’t think this would work, do you have any suggestions?

MARS HYDRO 4" Inline Fan Carbon Filter Combo- 4" Inline Fan with Temperature Humidity Controller, 4 Inch Carbon Filter, 33 Feet Ducting, 3 Duct Clamps Ventilation System Grow Tent Exhaust Fan Kit

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Most people use the AC Infinity in-line fans because they are quiet and pretty reliable. They are pricey compared to others though. I don’t have my Glowforge yet, but I do have the AC Infinity 6 inch fan and I can say it pretty quiet even on the highest speed. I can’t say much about fumes though as I have yet to test it with the Glowforge. I am curious about the filter thing though. I saw the AC Infinity version of it when I purchased my fan. I held off for now though. Just not sure how long it would last before the filter needs to be replaced.


@mccastro777 is spot-on. If you’re looking for a few more takes on it, inline fans are discussed a lot around here:


Quick question, are you worried about fumes inside (you) or outside (neighbors)?

If it’s inside, then yeah an aux fan can be used to keep pumping air out after the job is done, which can reduce some fumes in your space. If it’s neighbors who are complaining then a filter is maybe needed.

Personally I would avoid a filter at almost any cost. @dwardio did a slick thing when he vented to roofline height…


Thank you for your response. This solution is pretty neat!
The fumes I was talking about was fumes from the cut, especially acrylics, inside the office. My neighbors houses are little far away so it shouldn’t bother them. :slight_smile:

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The best place for one of those fans is as close to the opening in the wall as possible to keep negative pressure on the entire run of hose. Use some good duct tape at any connections and you should be as odor free as possible.


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