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My husband and I just purchased our Glowforge. We are looking to set it up with an inline fan as we will be venting out a window. Would anyone have suggestions on the size/power of one of these fans that is most ideal? We wanted to try going this route and save the money on the air filter if possible, as well as help with noise control. Any input is greatly appreciated!

I used a 4 inch in line fan by it is a 190 cfm . I think i shoud had gotten a little bit more cfm or variable speed fan, it really cuts down on the noise. I have mine in the basement and vent out a window that i removed the glass and replaced with a aluminum plate drilled a 4 inch hole to vent out sealed with silicon

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Check out this thread:

I tried the Vivosun 4" 190 CFM, but I didn’t feel like it had enough power, so I went with the Vivosun 6" 390 CFM and continued the 6" out the window.


The noise difference is remarkable. The more air pulled through the machine the better for heat exchange, but I use 2- 190 CFM fans (extended exhaust run) with zero smell and smoke removal at least as aggressive as the original exhaust fan.
Note that I also have the exhaust fan grill and fan removed so there is minimal obstruction to airflow.

If you have a remaining warranty you don’t want to do any modifications, so just use the filter option to turn off the whine of the onboard fan, and you will be able to hear yourself think and carry on a conversation next to your running laser. :+1:


Are your 2 fans next to each other, one next to the machine and one by the window, or some other configuration?
I upgraded to the 6" but it’s so much noisier than the 4" (still way less than the internal though!) so I’m thinking of going with 2 of the 4"…

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I think this is key. I have a 6" fan and almost never use it, it doesn’t reduce the sound or improve the airflow at all for me with my pro, the stupid fan is just too obstructed and difficult to remove.

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What brand of fan do you use?

Cloudline s6.


I used a 4" fan in conjunction with the internal exhaust fan. My duct was 25’ to the fan, and another short run outdoors. When the internal fan failed, it was almost immediately obvious the external 4" was not sufficient (debris accumulation was rapidly increasing.) I removed the internal fan and grate, still was not sufficient.

I switched to the 6" fan, which is still at the end of the 25’ of 4" duct, but now a 6" pipe from there out the house. It works better (less debris accumulation) than the original setup did.

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The first is at the end of a six foot flex hose at the machine and the other is 25-30 feet away mounted on the vacant duct in the adjacent furnace room that used to exhaust my old furnace, blowing straight up out of the roof. All 4" ducting, joints and seams sealed with caulk. Zero smell. :+1:
I feel for renters. This is my house, I’ll cut a hole where I feel like it.

It took @rpegg about 2 hours after he was given a pre-release unit to blow a 4" hole in the cement block foundation in the basement of his house. Those in temporary housing don’t have the option and have to adapt to … neighbors.


I have the 190 cfm Vivosun that now runs 24/7. When there is little smoke I run with the main fan off, but when smokey I use with the main Glowforge exhaust as well. If I find a higher cfm 4" fan I will probably go there.

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