Innovative Plastics Two Color Laserable Acrylics Settings

Had good success with engraving this stuff cleanly using the settings below.

1000/16/270 LPI @ .06" Focal Point

180-240/100 @ .067" Focal Point

300/40 @ .067" Focal Point

Link to the Project it was used in is here:


Got a product link?

How was the smell? I have scraps of a view different kinds, from a makerspace scrap bin, that are absolutely horrible smelling. I won’t cut them anymore. (I kinda wonder if they’re NOT laser safe.)

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I did run across some 2-color plastics from Inventables that absolutely reeked. I’m not sure they weren’t designed for CNC, and not specifically for lasering. I quit lasering those too.

The sheets tested for this and other projects that worked without odor had “Laserable” in the description/title. They had no smell and burned easily.


Pretty sure it was Johnson Plastics, but it was a long time ago during one of their sales, so I’m not sure which one it was…hang on…

here’s a link to one of the metallics. Those laser extremely well, but they are very thin. Pretty sure the yellow on black was a lot thicker…like 1/16th inch.

Oh yeah…here’s a better one:

Speed on the cut through is going to need to be changed based on the thickness…I picked up a motley assortment of samples during that sale. But the engraving works across the board.

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