Insanely impressed with camera alignment

I tend to use cardboard jigs a lot for anything needing precise placement, but while building this X Wing Model I needed to re-cut a few pieces that I wanted to adjust the design on to fit better. I had scrap wood from the original cuts and I could just barely fit the replacement parts on it. I figured I might as well just toss the wood in and align with the camera and see what happens.

Can’t believe the GF was able to get this piece cut out with just a quick visual alignment using the camera.

And yes, there actually is a tiny bit of wood there so it did cut the full piece out (the cut didn’t go over into the void area):


I think the cool term is amaze-balls? :joy:

Yes, I haven’t needed snapmarks or, for the most part, jigs since this was released.


hmm…may need to change the topic title to amaze-balls… :thinking:

You are both hilarious. But, that is pretty amazing; being able to utilize a piece of scrap like that.


That looks like the kind of alignment that I have been getting since I ran Camera Calibration. After a cut completes the image and the cut/score/engrave is literally dead on. I use Set Focus by default BTW.


Feels SO good when that happens, doesn’t it??? :slight_smile:


It does,and something else - I am getting so used to it being that good that today I considered doing an additional bit of egraving inside some existing scored lettering. I decided not to do it but not because I did not expect it to work; I didn’t even weigh alignment in my decision.

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Surprised me again today…cutting ear savers and I’ll have to take a picture cause I was able to make amazing use of the material size after I accidentally cut down a sheet 1" shorter than I meant to :rofl:

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Good enough to let me get another 5 ear savers from the unused inch of acrylic I’ve been saving by moving the material up and cutting equally close to the lower edge.

With over 20 sheets (since I started offsetting it) that’s over 100 more ear savers for free!


Yup I’ve been doing the same :wink::ok_hand:

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