Inspirational bracelets


Gorgeous work! I like the brown, but that blue! Wow!

Let us know. At what price point? I see these as a minimum $10 item. Craft market booth will be my primary point of sale next year.

How are you installing your snaps? Mallet/hammer or a press? I’m considering getting a press of some sort, as I can’t seem to get the hammer technique down. I’m never happy with the look. The snaps still usually work just fine, but the center looks mangled.

For installing snaps, I recommend a tool by Hoover “Pres-n-Snap” (and can get various dies for snaps & grommets)–most often found for upholstry or sail makers supplies vs. leather tools (and $100ish). It’s great–I got the stand so use it easily on my bench, but also small enough I take to shows so I custom size my wrist straps and set the post & stud at the show–as too often I guessed sizes wrong! (men and women have varied from less than 6" to over 9"… so customizing size has been really appreciated & led to more sales…).


Have found several presses… for around $50-$80 that I think will fit onto my craft desk quite nicely.

GREAT idea about custom sizing on site.

Very nice! So you do the engraving before the dyeing and finish work? I’m surprised the engraving holds up to that.

Lovely work! I’m amazed by people who can figure out how to do things with leather. :slight_smile:

Oh, my… You seem to indicate that a particular color is identified with a particular gender? That’s… probably not an opinion you want to publicize on “websites and social media.”



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Look… You’ve made it clear you don’t care what people think. I can accept that. So move on.


I think your bracelets are cool and could see them going for $15 a pop. Thanks for sharing how you make them in batch like that too. I wouldn’t have bothered adding my gut reaction to the gender thing, but since it got brought up… my immediate thought was more along the lines of, “Huh, but what if guys or gals would prefer the other color?” I know that my husband prefers bright colors when he can find them for “mens” items, but most retailers lose the sale because they don’t have it as an option.

It might be shooting yourself in the foot to limit size by color, why not do half and half? Now if you already have done market research and have found that all the women prefer the bright blue and all the men prefer the brown, great! If you haven’t, offering multiple colors in each size can’t hurt and might get you more income at the end of the day. Obviously, this is my opinion as an artist/entrepreneur, and what I would do to more fully serve my market.

How do you like the Weaver Little Wonder? It looks super sturdy!

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Some times things just are . . . there’s no malice or forethought, it just worked out that way. It’s like a game of “Gotcha’”. Everyone looking for something someone else is doing wrong.


My .02, Take it for what you paid for it.

I’ve been in business many years. Early on I sold a bracelet to a little old granny that I assumed she was buying for her grandson. It was made for a man. It was big, it was bold, it was heavy, it was bad a$$. I saw her the next week i think it was. She was wearing it, and told me how much SHE loved it, and how many comments she had gotten on it. I think my jaw might of hit the floor.
It was that day that I stopped labeling anything I made for a particular person/gender/animal (I only include animal because it was not long after I had to fit one of my bracelets to a dog as a collar) Now if I get asked where are the “mens” or “womans” items, I simply reply I make what I make for everybody. If you like something, it was made for YOU.

Anyway, back on track. Those look awesome, and I bet you sell quite a few.


I could see customized on the spot being awesome! I have teeny wrists (5.5") so even the 9" wouldn’t fit me ;p

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I don’t know how well they sell, but I’ve seen quite a few for sale.

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Though I do have to say that to display wrist bands with the cap/socket side only does present challenges, since you can’t close them and put on the standard display arms… :wink: I’ve been working with a few methods the last few years, always thinking how to improve (and combine display with storage unit).