"Inspired Spirals" Macbook engrave

I have loved this design ever since I first saw it. Does ANYONE know where I can find this, or is there someone that could take this pic and make a file to engrave on a macbook??? I have a macbook and I REALLY want to try this design! Thanks in advance! Picture of design

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You can try to find the original artist by searching the image in Google search. It’s fairly easy to do, but I’m not on the main computer right now…just do a Google search for “how to search for image” for instructions.

When you find the artist, you can either ask if it’s okay to use it for personal use, or buy it if they sell licenses. :slightly_smiling_face:

(That’s called a Mandala…there are plenty available on the internet.)


There’s another image of it at: https://trueventures.com/the-27-9-million-crowdfunding-campaign-qa-with-glowforge/ which gives the impression the image came from :glowforge: itself as that’s a VC firm - @bailey is this one of ya’ll’s designs?

Seems like it was first posted on twitter by the official Glowforge account.


That’s what I was thinking too. I first saw it and found it again yesterday ON the GF site. I thought it could possibly be an included or downloadable file somewhere or something. It’s what first made me want to buy a GF, amongst other reasons. Thanks everyone

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When, and if, you do go to engrave your personal MacBook, please don’t eyeball the alignment. I’ve seen a few people with iPads and MacBooks who just went for it, but the placement was a little off :sweat:

I’d suggest making a jig for the best results, and good luck!


Thanks for the advice. I need to figure something out ti get it just right.

This might help.


Does it have to be that EXACT pattern?

If not, there are sites that sell mandala patterns that look very much like that. It would require some work in Illustrator/Inkscape/etc. But I know it can be done, because I’ve been doing very similar things.


That is beautiful, I really was looking for that exact design though. When GF ad’s first came out, that particular MacBook design is what I wanted, and what a client wants. So i was looking to see if GF had it, since it was part of their ad’s. :slight_smile:

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