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Good Afternoon, I have a question. I would like to save the settings and maybe write some instructions on items that in my dashboardI have cut, so that I will have that info when I want to cut that item again. Is there a way to do that some when I go back to it the instructions and settings will be there? Thank YOU

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My understand is that unless you change the material you are using, the setting should still be there if you pull it back up on your dashboard. I have a little file I made in Word where I write down the material I am using that’s not already a proofgrade setting, such as tiles, bamboo, etc., or specific settings for picture engraving, etc. And, of course, you can get almost any setting you need by doing a search in the GF Community area.

When setting up manual settings for cuts/engraves/scores, you can click the plus button and assign a name for the settings as well as save the settings. The next time you use that material you can select your own settings.

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THANK YOU Ellen, I also record it, but sometimes change material. I appreciate your prompt and informative reply. Have a GREAT day

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Thank YOU dklgood, GREAT idea. Have a Blessed day

It would be nice if we could add info to the “instructions” panel for our own designs, like the premium designs have. Notes on materials, assembly, hardware, etc.
Lacking that, I had the idea to create a simple PDF template, with spaces for notes, instructions, and photos of a finished piece. Put each design in its own folder, and plop the related instructo PDF in there as well.

That seems like a lot of work though, and I haven’t followed through :upside_down_face:



That would be absolutely GREAT!!! It sounds as if you have found a way around it, but it would still be better if we could include instructions, etc like the Premium designs.

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Hi @woodgc - Thank you so much for this great feature suggestion—this would definitely be very useful! I’ve shared your suggestions with the product team with a note that this came from a customer request.

Many thanks also to the others who offered feedback and suggestions on this thread!