Instructions for Premium Projects

I just signed up for Premium because I need those servers to stay up and my Glowforge to keep cutting. One of the included “Free with Premium” designs was Mechanical Marble Run. it downloaded a cut list for 4 sheets of material. But it doesn’t say what the material is, nor are there assembly instructions. How do I build these kinds of projects without that info?


There is this,

That one is an older version but should be similar.

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Click the three vertical dots in the menu bar and select “design details.” That’s where instructions are kept.


Also, I believe it will work with any medium proofgrade. If you put proofgrade in the bed (or just set your material in the dropdown), the settings will populate correctly. And what @geek2nurse said about the instructions.

It should all fit on one sheet, not four.

It was designed for :proofgrade: Draftboard, but any material that is exactly 1/8" should work (theoretically).


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