Are there any PDF forms that can be printed out as far as instructins like for manual mode?

Not for the official versions. (Many browsers have a PDF screen capture plugin though if you want to take a look at free add-ons for whatever browser you have.)

Assuming I’m interpreting your question correctly, there is no “manual mode”.

The machine couldn’t be simpler to use provided you’re using “Proofgrade” material (since the printer reads the label and sets things correctly, automatically).

There are on-line tutorials someplace in this forum. Watch them once and you’ll have it pretty much mastered.

There are instructions here:


Thank you so much. In the learning while doing section, there are instructions on how to use the manual mode of the printer. I was wondering if there is a PDF so I can read while not on the computer if I decided to just study the information.

Thank you so much.

Yes, this is what I’m speaking of, just was wanting to know if there are PDF pages that I could print off.

Ah. I didn’t understand what you meant by “Manual Mode”. There’s a subsection of this forum with plenty of user input on different non-Proofgrade materials.

You can print Web pages; just hit Ctrl-P while on the page you want to print. :slight_smile:

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Exactly. When you print the web pages, it comes out just like it would in PDF.

In many ways, web pages and PDF were designed for the same purpose.

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Hi @kiandersbc - We don’t currently have an option to download the pages as a PDF. It’s a great idea though! I’ve shared your thoughts with the team. For now @geek2nurse & @eflyguy have the right idea.

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