Intake blowing cool air

Yesterday I was in engraving and I heard something and my Glowforge plus was making an awful noise. I was still able to finish my project but obviously I watched it like a hawk. I checked everything I could and didn’t find anything. This morning I tried it again and had the same noise. One thing I did notice and maybe it does it and I’m wasn’t aware the intake on the bottom right side seems to be blowing cool air. Is that normal?

I wouldn’t think the intake would be blowing, but sucking…so, I’m not sure what you’re describing. Air is supposed to be going INTO it, not out of it.


Check the intake fan for something stuck in the blades. The intake vent pulls in room air, so there is no way it will change the temperature of that air.


I am not talking about the exhaust fan on the back left. I’m talking about underneath the right side. I believe that is an intake fan. And there’s no way to open it to check anything.

@dklgood was not talking about the back fan, either. As we’ve both said, the intake fan brings air INTO the machine…so, you wouldn’t feel air of any temperature coming out of it.


With the machine off, lift it slightly or slide it over the edge of your table so you can inspect the vent in the front right corner. I am speaking of the intake vent just as you are - not the exhaust fan.


Thanks. Yes I did that. Nothing was stuck to the bottom and no debris. It’s just driving me nuts because this is a replacement machine that I got at the beginning of May.

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