Interested in Hawaiian Koa wood?

100% This wood look so amazing!!!

Thanks for the replies. sounds like there would be interest. I will spend a couple of days at the bandsaw, and put up a variety of pieces. I will figure out what the best shipping option will be as well. Koa comes in such a wide variety of colors and characteristics, we will make sure to offer some of the really nice stuff (curly, figured) as well as some of the more standard straight grain pieces which we use for earrings. Will post an update when we get some up on the website. Mahalo!


Count me in too!

interested also

Looking forward to it. I was at my exotic wood supplier yesterday and they said they have been having a hard time getting wood in. I picked up a not so big piece of padauk and it was nearly $200

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Thanks, I didn’t realize I forgot to add that in!

i’m curious how you’re defining “small.” koa boxes feel like a place i’d like to go.

Uhh I would LOVE to get some. Being an island girl who recently relocated to Texas, I know and appreciate Koa wood and it would be an honor to make somethings on genuine Koa and not the fake stuff.
By the way you have some amazing pieces. Do you happen to have Koa earrings with Oahu in Abalone?

If someone were to fly to Hawaii and stay a week or two, then pick up some of your Koa, would the trip be a business expense? Asking for a friend.


I’m very interested.

Such a friend might end up staying. It’s been known to happen.


We love making custom designs. We could do something like this, with the blue being the abalone;oahu


Totally IN!!

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Looks great–I’d love to have some to try out…thanks!

Wow, I’d love some as well.


Yes! So interested! Take my money!

We mostly make earrings and pendants, so we’ve made deals with a few local wood mills to save the mill off-cuts from the fire wood bin. This means that most of what I can offer right this second will be in the range of, say, 3" by 12", 4" by 6", oblong pieces with one live edge, that sort of stuff. However, I can take a run up to my favorite wood mill and see if I can set something up with them to work on some larger pieces. I’d have to do some research on non flat-rate shipping costs though. I don’t have the kind of resaw that can churn out big pieces of hardwood, but I might be able to produce a few 6" by 18" pieces, something like that. I’ll work on this concept this week and see where we can go with this idea.