Interested in Hawaiian Koa wood?

*The site is back again with new Koa blanks if anyone is interested. *

Because of Covid, and a lack of tourists visiting our beautiful island home, we find ourselves with a surplus of our hand-milled Big Island Koa wood. We’re considering offering certain pieces for sale to the Glowforge community. We mill, dry, resaw and sand the wood ourselves, from mill operation off-cuts and other sustainable sources. Koa wood has an incredibly diverse range of characteristics, and no two pieces are the same. If there were interest, we would set up a small website where individual small pieces of 1/8th inch thick Koa could be purchased, while the limited supply was available. Koa cuts wonderfully in the Forge, and is an excellent wood for making earrings, pendants, and other small items. Those who know, know that Koa is quite prized, but we should be able to offer some of our smaller pieces at a good value. Please give us a sense of whether or not the community would be interested in the idea. A visit to our website ( ) will give a sense of what Koa items look like. Mahalo!


Absolutely, sign me up!

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I’d be interested too!

Me Three!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :grin: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: love to have 1/4 as well!

I would love some :slight_smile:

Definitely interested.

Maybe you can make Glowforge a deal and they can release it as a limited edition proofgrade?


Take my money!

I mean… Yes, I’d be interested


Very interested.


Oooo! Nice!

Yup. I’d love to buy some.

Interested. :+1:

Me too!

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Yes please-where do I send my money?


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It’s beautiful, but how much are shipping costs usually from Hawaii? Are they different from continental US rates? I usually like to order enough to justify shipping costs, but if shipping costs are too high, it’s usually a deterrent.


Bulk ship someplace close and let them send out the individual packs. that way the majority of shipping costs saved?


Flat rate boxes are the same in all 50 states. Non flat rate can be a crapshoot.


That’s good to know. I wasn’t sure. I’ve been sending flat rate boxes overseas, but a small box is like 30 dollars, and I can’t fit anything in it. I wasn’t sure if Hawaii had a different rate.

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This would be amazing! Thanks for offering it to the GF community. We’d be interested.