Interesting lamps on Instructables


Saw this tutorial on Instructables to make layered lamps. Very beautiful! He made these from paper and hand cut them out, but would be much easier on the GF. Would look great in colored acrylic!

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 25th, 2017

Looks like a fun project. I agree that the acrylic would be a nice choice too. Kind of reminds me of the bowls that have been posted recently.


Yeah, I thought they looked like those bowls also.
I can’t imaging cutiing all of those layers with an exacto knife though!


Yea, I agree with you on that. That’s why we are all getting lasers. :grin:


Thanks for sharing!! Did anyone click on the link inside the instructable for the raindrop lamp? It’s form…looks so familiar, I wonder where I’ve seen it before? :thinking: :laughing:


Hmmmmm… Looks like they forgot the ©®™!


:joy: I bet a bunch of those cut from teal acrylic all hanging around Glowforge HQ would be awesome!


Very cool. I hadn’t seen this yet. Thanks for the share!