Interesting Mechanism

Something like this (or Imay purchase his plans) is what I’d like to try on my GF once I get it.

Seems like a kewl conversation piece, fun to waste time with and both kids and adults would probably like to experiment…


Wow…did you say waste time? Make that to the power of ten. Every time you start to play with this, you will enter a time warp. “Honey? You missed dinner…and breakfast.” - Rich


That’s awesome. Definitely going to make this. Probably several times for gifts.

I am totally going to make this. Not sure if I will share with nephews or keep for myself!

Check out his other plans on the site too (I didn’t see them when I first posted this topic) Under the store menu - some very nice mechanisms


That looks really cool! It gives me a bunch of ideas for the next version of the gears on my walls at home. (Laser Cut Display Gears)


might be a good demo/play piece for my mechanical engineers! thanks for sharing!


Yeah his colibri flapping bird is how I stumbled across him some time ago. His plans aren’t cheap, but his works are amazing.

It would be a great puzzle for kids…have a photo of what you want them to build from this pile of parts. There could be lots of bogus parts too, depending on how hard you wanted to make it. :smiling_imp: - Rich


I definitely want to make one of these. I especially like that you can easily change the gears into so many different configurations. Thanks for sharing. :relaxed:

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WOW–I’m bookmarking this for when The Little Dude gets interested in science.

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Just a heads up, Boyer also has some cool gears(one of my favorites) :

I think he has a video of how to make wired gears.


This looks like a great thing to build for my kids to tinker around with. Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


If you look at the “Testing” video you can see how he is using magnets as springs in the clock type movements. Nice! Sold!.


Oh yeah. Now that is cool! Think I’ll pick one up. Thanks for posting

And the kid’s 1st birthday…and graduation…congrats, Grandpa…