Interface freeze on close print jobs


I have noticed since a recent update that instead of getting an error message if I tell the app to print again too soon, it freezes the whole app and requires a restart. All things equal, I’d rather get the error if I try to send the job too soon after the last print. I’m doing a lot of trial and error stuff off Proofgrade where you sometimes have to send the same print multiple times to the same material, or pieces with different components in different runs. The entire failure of the app can cost me the piece I’m working on. In the meantime, I’m trying to remember to allow a good 20-30 seconds after the cooldown time before I try to send another job. I’m sure, like the street maps, there are jobs that even on proofgrade require doing in sections.


I’ve had this happen quite a bit too. One “help” that I’ve found is to click on any job in the left pane so that it opens up and then I’ll click off of it and hit the Print button again. It seems to allow me to shorten the time necessary between one job completing and being able to hit the Print button to start another run of the job.


I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll look into what’s happening here and pass on your feedback.


This was caused by a problem in our system that has since been fixed.

If you see this again, please let me know in a new topic.

Happy printing!

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