Interface question/ anyone use cricut explore one?

Ok so question for everyone,

Have anyone of you used “cricut explore one” material cutting machine before? I picked one up on black friday from walmart and it has a very glowforgy type interface/use to it however my question is… In this Cricut interface you can do basic editing or quick edits, for example if I had made a file to print off or even a jpg to print off but there was an extra line or bump in the pattern that needed to be removed it has an eraser button to remove anything you need to remove or cut from the file/jpg. Also in this interface it has where you can add last minute text to an image or combine multiple inserted images together… Anyways getting off track to say the least it has pretty basic editing features built in for a lot of last minute stuff. I was wondering will glow forge interface have a basic editing options like this. I get that glow forge lets you select the lines to cut or engrave but to add last minute text or basic editing is handy. (also I should note that the Cricut interface is cloud based as well) and I can recommend anyone who wants one of the Cricuts the work well for making stickers I have made several custom ones from it.


So here is an example if this turns out right in the pictures, first time uploading pics here. So top pic with the grid lines are the finished sticker that I made, I did this all with in the basic editing software built in with the two other pics by using the eraser feature and the quick text add. It only took about 4 mins to come up with this all in this super simple quick editing features. Just wondering if glow forge can have something like this.


So you’re asking if the GF app will be like the Cricut Design software? Is the GF app still under development?

I have the Air version of the Cricut. I do not depend on their design software for any editing tasks. I use (many) other tools to create designs that can then be imported and translated into simple cut patterns. I somewhat expect the same with the GF app, although the ability to import greyscale images for 3d etching/carving is exciting - for 3D printing, I have to use a mix of web-based utilities to be able to print a model similar to the example Dan shared yesterday.

Yea so basically like with that image above I had no text on it, lets say I made the image on photo shop added it into glow forge app then last minute I wanted to add the text “HULK” to it and spin it sideways like I did. Will there be something to add that in last minute within the glow forge app instead of having to put it back into photoshop add text and then reimport back into glow forge app just to save a few extra minutes.

or if I see like a small bump in the pic that shouldn’t be there use the erase function to get rid of a simple mess up.

Quick example of there erase feature, pretty basic but very handy. I just did this quick just to show and tell. So for in this example lets say I made this panda with an eye patch, then last second I decide I don’t want the patch so click erase, hand erase where you want to remove and boom… eye patch gone and you saved the panda from becoming the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. lol


But yea anyways if anyone… Beta Testers, pre order people, or @dan knows anything that could be shared on this if there is a basic editor built in for quick touch ups or adds for basic stuff, that would be great. Will check back again in the morning starting to get late. Thank you in advance. Didn’t know because the only thing I have seen so far on the software was a few screen grabs here and there that I could find.

Check out the tested “review”. Think norm mentions that he would have liked light editing functionality, meaning that there isn’t any. I would assume that something like this is in already in the hopper.

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Right - isn’t any, is in the hopper.