Interface randomly changes selected material

I think someone mentioned this happening recently, but can’t find the post…at that time I remembered a couple of instances where I was sure I had set the material correctly but it had changed in the interface at some point during the job, but between ADHD and advancing age I have a tendency to blame myself rather than assume there’s a bug.

Last night I was cutting some earrings that are etched on both sides. On one of the sets I cut out, I was using a scrap of PG Walnut ply that contained the barcode, and it got sliced up during the first step of the cut. After I opened the GF to flip the pieces, I went back to the GFUI to mark the cuts to “ignore” and do the engraving on the other side, and noticed things looked really weird in the camera. Glanced up at the top of the screen and saw it had changed the material to PG leather. Not “unidentified,” not the last known material, but a completely random selection.

This time I know it wasn’t my fault; I was paying attention and had specifically noted that it correctly sensed the barcode for the first step of the job. It was the third type of PG plywood scraps I had cut the same set of parts from, all in a row (PG maple, then cherry, then walnut), and I had followed the same steps each time. The maple and cherry scraps didn’t have barcodes, so I had tossed in the appropriate barcode cutouts from my stash to identify them for the camera, but the walnut still had one when I put it in. It was when that got cut that things went south.

I get that cutting up the barcode means the GF can’t reidentify the material after you’ve opened the lid, but randomly selecting some other material besides the last one used doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It should either default to the last detected, or to “unknown.” I can kinda make a case for either of those, but definitely not just some random selection. And a popup notification that the material can’t be identified would be polite and very helpful, too!

Are you using the GF Material Browser Extension?

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Always a good first policy. The worst thing that can happen is you waste a little time tracking a problem down. Most folks learn best that way.

People whose first instinct is to blame someone or something else are mind numbingly difficult when it comes to wanting support. Usually just easier to ignore their issues and let paid support deal.

I use it for some of my non-PG jobs, but everything I cut yesterday was PG, so I never opened it. Can it mess with the material selection?

I once upon a time had a tech industry job that involved a lot of user support. There were days when I marveled that the human race ever even managed to survive past our caveman days. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Back then, natural selection was still an effective filter…


Can’t really help with your issue. Not sure if I have seen the problem or not. Always fairly anal about checking settings and material type before hitting the Print button. Not sure if it’s because of my personality (or lack thereof) or if I’m just very cheap. Can’t waste the material.

But yeah. When anyone posts a problem saying “I know it wasn’t something I did”, or a similar comment, I immediately start to believe it was something they did or didn’t do. And the smarter folks are, the more likely they are to skip steps or be defensive.

Back in my software dev days, one of my team members and I had a really bad “stupid user” week, to the point we felt a tad homicidal and started jokingly (sort of) plotting the demise of all stupid people everywhere. It was a great way to relieve some stress, until it suddenly occurred to us that eliminating stupid people would only raise the bar, and we might end up being the NEW stupid people.

Turns out they have a reason for existing after all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d have wound up being eaten by a tiger either way…got a 5 lb. kitten right now who still tries to score just a little taste every day. :roll_eyes:


Live in WV. There are a lot of incorrect stereotypes. But that aside, you would think that we should have one of the highest average IQs in the country. The roads are narrow, often one lane, with cliffs and very few guard rails. All the stupid people should have lost to Darwin.


Isn’t posting here supposed to open a support ticket? Just wanting to be sure this issue is on their “fix” list, and I haven’t seen any response from them…

Yes, this did open a support ticket - sorry to keep you waiting!

When the app doesn’t recognize Proofgrade, it defaults to the last material that was manually selected. In this case, that was confusing – and I’ve let the team know to have a look.

I’m going to close this thread - if you see any other unexpected behavior that you’re curious about, please post a new topic.