International Info E-mails

So I guess hopefully you’ll have a GF in April 2018 given the 6 week delivery time.

For me April notification date for a Basic to Sydney, Australia, so potentially May 2018+

ie Another 8 months wait!!!

:frowning_face: :australia:

Starting to reconsider whether I want / need a laser cutter… The main question I still have outstanding is with regards the international Tube Replacement - I was hoping the email would include some details. Hopefully his will be answered soon as they start to send out the first international order. (Maybe to Canada?)


Dutch (NL) here. Ordered 01-10-2015. Estimate email states 02-02-2018. plus up to 6 weeks actual time getting glowforge to ship and then up to 6 weeks for overseas shipment and getting to pay 21% tax over it all (including shipping price) gets me my Glowforge in may 2018… 31 months after initial buying.

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Germany here - also Febuary - ordererd 10/10/15. @dan - that’s a joke, isn’t it? “International starting soon” - well, that is an awkward definition of soon. Instead of october now Febuary? Really disappointed.


Uk, Pro, ordered on 7 October 2015.
Predicted shipping notification 08 Feb 2018, so even if it does come within the 6 week slot (unlikely given Glowforges track record), it’s another 6 month delay.
Beyond disappointed.


@dan Can you provide some answers for international customers…

  1. What is the situation with regards the international Tube Replacement?

  2. What is the situation with regards warranty, I understand it is 12 months, but if we have a Dead On Arrival or other fault that requires return to the USA who pays for the return shipping cost?

  3. Will you be using upgraded packaging (and tape) for International orders, to better protect the GF and ensure the handles are not lost so easily?

  4. What is the status and charges for shipping Proofgrade internationally (a key GF feature) - I understand at the moment this is not possible?



DoA Glowforge pays, all other faults you have to pay for a return.


February 21 for me in France, ordered basic October 18. Disappointed for sure, but my family and I are going to be in the US from Thanksgiving through beginning of February, so couldn’t have accepted delivery until then anyway. Was hoping to maybe use my proofgrade credits while in the US to save on shipping and bring in back in a suitcase though. Sigh.
Edit: Forgot, I lost the one referral I had too. :disappointed:

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At that time they were claiming new orders would “ship” by end of November, and that your Day 1 order would “ship” by Oct 30. So no real expectation in those schedules for getting the new orders at the same time.

There was, however, a lot of speculation in the forums that they were going to try to save on shipping costs by loading up a container and then sending via UPS from the port to destinations within the country. As far as I know, that was pure speculation with no input from Glowforge.

Hopefully they meet these new dates you’ll have 4 :glowforge: s without too much delay between them.

Yeah, this is still an outstanding concern for me

If it arrives damaged then it is returned with free shipping, if it is returned under warranty later then we cop the shipping cost

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It’s all relative, they’ve been saying soon for the last two years, so actually 3-6 months is comparatively soon, especially compared to how far behind they already are.

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International here too. But my expected date is 10 April… :sob: I don’t understand how they can write “shipping soon” for internationals when that is about 6 months delay. Though, I feel even more sorry for those international countries who waited 2 years and their GF got cancelled because of restrictions.

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UK and order 28th Sept 15

My shipment date is 30th Jan 18

Actually, I’m totally okay with this. No knowing is worse than another 3 month delay and I really appreciate a) the extra knowledge and b) how this has been handled. Been a little bit miffed at the announcement of previous delays but this one seems a little better communicated. Maybe just more apathy on my part but either way, I’m okay with this. I’m hoping that 30th Jan is the latest it will be shipped but even so, it feels like I’m getting closer to being able to vapourise things with lasers.


“shipment date” … its a trap :wink:
you get an email which says you will get your order. so at the end it is march. and you are uk? :slight_smile: are you in the still in the eu than? maybe you have your own laws and regulations…


Pretty confident that our regulations won’t change sufficiently to cause problems in the short term. I would like to see it arrive before March to avoid the rush of imports that is likely to occur.

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oh i forgot mr. trump :slight_smile: maybe they make america great again by not exporting lasers…
we can just hope the best and expect the worst

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The generic wording in the email made me laugh:
“Production of Glowforge units is in full swing, and we’re working through the last two years of pre-orders to get to your 9/24/2015 order of a Glowforge Pro.”

I managed to sneak in my international order 2 minutes after dan’s on the first day, according to the Crowdsource GF Shipping board.

Got a shipping notification date of 18. January to Norway. @palmercr Predicted a february delivery for the first internationals a few months back, seems like he was spot on with his shipping board calculations.

Hoping that they have sorted the camera and passthrough by then at least.

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One more data point: ordered Oct 10, estimate is March 13 to Canada.

I really want a GF and want them to succeed, but damn are they making it hard to trust that it’s not going to be a money pit for international orders.

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I’m considering these options too.

This is the 2nd time, they’ve delayed things 2 weeks before they were supposed to be released.

It’s impossible to think they will meet their new deadline given their current track record. The only thing that has held me off cancelling is the loss of money due to currency conversion.

I’m upset because as a return on investment - this is lousy. Every week I’m seeing a new company pop up selling services I had planned on selling. Often it matters who is first to market, moreso than who is best.

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come over to the facebook group

How could GF even think they were shipping international orders “very soon” when they hadn’t even STARTED the reg approvals process for other countries?!