International Info E-mails

@dan As far as we’ve been told so far our money is not being used by Glowforge. Instead, it’s held in a separate account so it’s of no value to you. Since a lot of people (me included) see our current advance as a lot of cash which we could be using elsewhere…

…why not refund all international backers? Keep our place in line and let us use that money to buy other kit and earn money with that kit until you’re ready to ship our units? Then ask us if we want them to ship, and ask us to pay up - hell, we have 4-6 weeks to make that payment if current lead times hold anyway.

Why do this? Well, it reduces the stress on those of us who see our money sat there doing nothing because we can actually use it; it reduces our anxiety about whether GF will continue to exist; in doing these things it will help to reduce the dropout rate, reducing complexity with referrals and honoring those without any benefit to you, and reduces the risk of a run on the bank as people worry about continued support. All of this reduces pressure on you guys to deliver. Even if having that money back helps people make the decision to cancel, currently supply outstrips demand by an order of magnitude so I don’t see the trouble there either.

Right now, I can’t see that our money is any good to GF anyway… so why not just hand it back?

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I’m just asking an honest question so please don’t point your frustration my direction…

Did I miss where the company has said they haven’t STARTED approval processes? I’m sure they haven’t completed them in many cases and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are special cases but had not heard anything from the company that said what you have. Again I’m just trying to keep my knowledge current.

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Lol - I’m not that guy mate. You need to do quite a lot to earn my frustrations :wink:

hmm, it’s a fair point I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it but I can’t find it in all the recent posting. I’ll have a dig and see if I can find anything.

Sorry, wasn’t trying to indicate anything. I’ve been hammered before during these delays when I ask simple questions. A lot of people are offended that I’m not angry. I don’t do angry.

I’ve heard the speculation from forum members but there have been theories here ranging from Dan absconding to Tahiti, to Unicorns blessing Proofgrade materials.


No that’s not a theory…I actually saw it. Or maybe it was a rhino. Hard to tell from a distance.


The colour is the big give away. Unicorns are generally white unless they’re pooping rainbows. It’s much harder with white rhinos, and since there are about 20,000 white in the world now, odds are it was a white rhino.

A magic rhino though… obvs.


I wouldn’t want my order refunded. I know people are upset that their money is locked up and not able to be used, but for me that is a bonus. I have it already paid for and it is a piece I dont need to think about when budgeting for anything else I may want.


Sept 26 pro order. I live in B.C. 189 miles from the Glowforge office as the crow flies and my estimated date is March 2 2018. It seems that European countries are set to receive their orders 2-3 months before Canadian orders so it appears that original order sequence has little to no relevance and I am guessing international order fulfillment is now based on which regions have placed the most orders…ie: amount of people to make happy??

Plus, as mentioned several times above, there is still no official word on tube replacement options. @dan ??

I am officially sick of being strung along with assurances that mean nothing and promises that do a full 360 overnight without any solid clarification as to why. I have been as patient as I can be through every hiccup but I’ve had about enough of this BS. I am very seriously considering my other options and jumping ship.

Dan has said in this thread or another one (I forget which) that the Canadian certification process is more complex so that was the reason for the delay to Canada and Mexico. I’m in Halifax so I get how upsetting it can be.

REALLY? im in MEXICO… which is like next door to them… and I got APRIL 18 as my “supposed” date.

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you do know there is a free trade treaty between mexico canada and the US right?

If this is the case perhaps he should let us know these things via email etc? I haven’t managed to read every thread from top to bottom so this kind of essential info gets missed easy if it is just a comment somewhere in the forums.

I am aware that NAFTA exists, yes. Free trade does not dictate certifications though.

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There’s been over two years to deal with getting certification sorted for immediately neighboring countries!

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yup… but also that treaty deals with a lot of tech subjects incl. the compliance certificates are very “similar” between countries.

Unless it’s from China… lol


Do you seriously think they were naive enough not to know about the certifications needed?..

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true… but then again … im sure they were aware of the certifications.

I order Nov. 10 and I was told April as well.

Just have an extra large Robert’s donair and by the time you finish it the glowforge will be there (or the next delay announced).

I always thought approval in Canada was fairly easy once it’s approved in the USA since we generally follow the same standards - guess not.