International Shipping Cost

So, I just did a rate quote on our DHL account.
We have a standard account and I’m sure Glowforge would have negotiated better rates than us.
However, our quoted rate was $440usd. (to Australia)

We are being charged $675usd for this by Glowforge.

So, $235 more than a typical rate, easily obtainable by our small business.

The quote was based on the dimensions Dan has given here on the forum.
(Shipping dimensions are 46" x 29" x 16" and 70 pounds.)

I’d really like to hear the justification for such a heavy mark up, and perhaps a photo of a real invoice from DHL to prove that we are actually being charged the correct amount for shipping.



You’ve only included the price for shipping. And only for 1 box.


What other box is there? And what other cost is there aside from shipping?

Without the filter there are 3 - the GF, the accessories box (tray, etc) and the PG sample materials.

I don’t recall anywhere that GF says they are charging cost for shipping. Nor should they have to and neither should they have to provide invoices. Would you expect invoices for all the machine parts?

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I’ve read a number of posts about the cost of shipping being passed on directly.
Adding to the actual shipping cost and not declaring it as such is a questionable move as far as I’m concerned.

The tray, materials, and, optionally, the filter.



A tact you could try is having Glowforge ship it to DHL depot in the United States, and then have DHL provide the ongoing shipping from there. It’s never been done by purchasers… but I doubt Glowforge has any plans to do custom carrier shipping when they would have negotiated shipping fees with UPS Worldwide before International shipping is done.

Also, not really mentioned often… insurance.


Hi jason1,
The cost of the accessories should be included as part of the original quote for shipping. I understand your frustration, but the shipping estimate was done 2 years ago and fuel prices have dropped thanks to OPEC being scared of the new USA/Canada source for oil. They are keeping prices down (oil flowing above demand) so shipping costs go down. Also when they did the guesstimate on shipping they had to pad it for reasons which we all saw in the updates… damaged units. Improving packaging cost money. Handling was not listed as a cost and if I remember Dan said they would not be making money on shipping. However I still feel your pain. I live 10 miles (16 Kilometers) from the manufacturing facility and I am paying 175 USD use for a cross town drive. ouch!
Have a good one.
Oh you might ask Dan if they will use your DHL account number, then you pay for all shipping and customs and the unit is FOB Ca.


Prices were based on the quotes we received when we started the campaign; we haven’t adjusted them up or down. They reflected our costs. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to provide you with our internal pricing information.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.