International Shipping Cost Continued

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Thanks for offering to answer further questions and locking the thread at the same time. :thinking:

Is it possible to send on our DHL account?

Mate, another Aussie here.

  1. I have been caught out with it before, but if you put a question in Support then you are given an answer and the thread is locked… It is not a conspiracy, not shutting down a ‘difficult’ question. Dan gave you the current answer (for this moment in time) and he closed the Question as a result. That is their policy
  2. As others pointed out to you in the thread. The prices for delivery were locked in at the time of purchase.
  3. As others have mentioned, Dan has said they are actually going to lose out a little on some International Shipping for the same reason you are upset; they locked in the prices and have since discovered it will cost perhaps a little more to send.
  4. There are 3 items to send, your calculations in the previous thread were based on a single item

Dan has said (elsewhere) that you can organise for your own shipping but you might not be under Warranty for the free shipping back if it is damaged in transit.

Your best bet is to e-mail support.
The forums are almost exclusively populated by other Purchasers, Glowforge Staff do look here but they best respond to private e-mails.

Unfortunately that is the best you will get. If you want more information from the forums then read the Official Announcements section. That is (pretty-much) the only place you will find out any direct information.


Problems and support: ask a question, get an answer(helpful or not), thread closed.
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I got moves like a Sphinx


In Problems and Support, we try to keep to one question per thread. You can read a bit more here.

Unfortunately no. We’re not able to support custom shipping arrangements.