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I’d like to know this as well!

I am from Perth and have cancelled my order, I told myself the last time it was pushed back that if they did it again I would cancel.

Good luck if you are holding on.


I’ve told myself to do the same multiple times but have caved into holding on!

Maybe it’s somewhat lucky that I’m in the middle of a big project that doesn’t require the distractions of a shiny new laser cutter… I’ll try and keep myself occupied for a few more months.

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I find this extremely disappointing knowing we were part of the crowd funding for this project and now 3 years later have been pushed out again. Other laser cutter products can ship to Australia that are of a lesser quality then the Glowforge so I just can’t comprehend it being that hard to get approval. I could have been making interest of this money instead of it being used to fund other people’s machines


well, i bought a Glowforge for the advanced features, at a price i could afford. but these endless delays have to be hurting their international market shares. i know that people who want to get a laser cutter in Australia are moving straight past the Glowforge.

also, what the actual “heck”?!?! yet another delay? now that we international leftovers finally rate a discussion of our own, can we get a little more explanation, please? keeping it a secret isn’t doing any good anyway.


So much for a 1 month delay roll on 3 months, I also have in the back of my mind that this date is not when I will receive my glowforge but the time I will receive and email asking if I still want it they will prepare the shipment which could take 6 weeks.
The estimate seems pretty baseless and they should just add an extra 6 months now because it probably will be delayed further seeing they don’t seem to know how to manage international certification.


Hi Dan! Can you please explain WHY it is taking so long to get the needed approvals? It would be better for everyone if you guys could just be honest about what the reason is… Ever since you got control over the production process and started manufacturing at a good enough rate, I’ve been told that you are working on getting all the international approvals ready. But it seems a bit crazy that this would take so much time!

It is now 3 YEARS AGO many of us paid for our glowforge. $5000 is ALOT of money to pre-pay for a product, especially when even after 3 years it is not even close to being delivered! A few days back my forecast date was november 1st for the pro unit and november 31st for the air filter. Now the dates have changed to February 1st and March 31st! For delivery to Norway. As many others, I also have thought about cancelling my order, it is just so frustrating each time you push the dates… And im sure this isnt the last time you are doing this!

In stead of making new deals with Amazon and what not to sell more units, you should use those people to work on getting all of the international orders out!!! What you guys are doing at different exhibitions, new models you are making etc etc is of ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST for all of us who have been waiting for 3 years for our units. It just tells us that we are of less priority to you! Why work on a new model (thinking about the Plus model here), when you arent even capable of delivering your existing models to all your customers who have backed you guys since day 1???


One other thing; besides my name here it says “Owner”… You should change it to “An idiot who is still stupid enough to think he might be an owner some day”


This is what support sent to me when asked last month:

" Based on your order date, you were scheduled for delivery in December 2016. Around that time we sent you an email announcing our gifts of $50 Inventables gift certificates, $150 of Proofgrade materials, free designs from the video, Founder status, 10% discounts on materials and designs, and the $20/month credit by way of apology. We’re giving you $20 for each full month you’ve had to wait since December 2016.

You’ll continue get $20 for Jan, $20 for Feb and so on until we begin the shipping process."

I then told them that at this point, this is far from enough, and that we should get additional compensation, but no response.

They should give all of us who are still waiting discount on the unit itself, $50-100 for each month it is delayed. Then youll see how fast things will get done!


I’ve got to say, this is a small thing but it kind of burns me, too. What do I own, exactly?


Thanks! I will now have to ask them what was my initial delivery date so I can calculate what my credit will be (keep you posted on this) . :slightly_smiling_face:

Also I have another question, I think I’ve read in one of the threads that some materials could not be send to Canada: were they the free proofgrade materials or the stuff from Inventables?

All those infos will help me regarding if I cancel my order or not.

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I am one of many patient Canadians awaiting the arrival of my Glowforge (ordered Oct/09/15) and I have a few questions if I may.

  1. Are these continued delays ‘shipping’ issues or ‘compliance’ issues?
  2. Are we still receiving the $20/month material credit until we receive our units?
  3. If I chose to have my unit shipped to a US destination to save on shipping charges (I live close to the BC/Washington border) would I receive an ‘internationally compliant’ unit or a ‘US’ unit (assuming there is some difference).
  4. If the unit needed to be returned for warranty would I still qualify for free shipping if I return shipped from that same US address ( a P.O. box across the border)

I’m still hopeful I will receive my Glowforge before Christmas this year. By all accounts, reading forum posts all these years, it should be worth the wait.


How can you in all good conscience offer the GloForge on Amazon when preorders of
3yr cannot be fulfilled,and those customers do not have to be frustrated by their dates
being pushed backed or having theirs shipped international with no problems!!
The "compliance and logistic "problems should then be the same with Amazon.Something
is not right here. So do all of us cancel our orders and get it thru Amazon to avoid this nonsense??


fwiw, you wouldn’t be able to buy from amazon to ship to any of the countries that GF isn’t shipping to yet.

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So, I wrote to support asking them about the 150$ of proof grade material and this is what I got:

"In regards to materials shipping to Canada. The team is working hard to enable the shop for International Proofgrade purchases. Unfortunately, it’s not available yet but we’ll be updating the Community as we work to make the shop and catalog available to all our customers. "

It would seem that even if we eventually get our Glowforge, we won’t get the 150$ of materials anytime soon. Which also means the 10% discount on materials will be useless. This makes a lot of strikes against all of us who have been waiting.

I’m not writing this to complain but merely to inform those who didn’t know (like me).


If we can’t get proofgrade materials, we also can’t use the $20 per month that they said they would give us for every month past December 2016 our shipments are late. By my calculations I’m owed $460. So all the of the concessions for late shipments actually don’t exist for international customers? Other than an extended warranty and catalog items?

  • Are these continued delays ‘shipping’ issues or ‘compliance’ issues?

I don’t have details to share on country-by-country status.

  • Are we still receiving the $20/month material credit until we receive our units?


  • If I chose to have my unit shipped to a US destination to save on shipping charges (I live close to the BC/Washington border) would I receive an ‘internationally compliant’ unit or a ‘US’ unit (assuming there is some difference).

We can’t speak to the international compliance of units shipped to the US.

  • If the unit needed to be returned for warranty would I still qualify for free shipping if I return shipped from that same US address ( a P.O. box across the border)

If you shipped to and from the US, yes, there would be no charge for warranty shipping.

Unfortunately, the compliance and logistics rules for some countries are different than what’s needed to sell via Amazon. The Amazon units are not cleared for sale outside the US, to the best of my knowledge.

I believe that may have been a misunderstanding - I’m checking now. While we’re not selling Proofgrade materials internationally yet, I believe we do ship the PG starter kit internationally.

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Thanks Dan. It would be great if we get the PG starter kit with our GF. Do you have an estimate on when the PG materials will be available for us to buy with our credits? I know a lot of people count on this to help us wait. Thanks again for the info.

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In 3 years time of delay, Glowforge could have planned, designed and produced the 2nd and 3rd generation of Glowforge. Better yet, they could have even created a second line of product for Glowforge.

@dan are you even certain that you are working with a factory?
Not to mentioned, 2 right now and still delaying?
With few years time, and you tell us you can’t pass the compliance and stuff, so this time Glowforge was trying to clear Canada, there’s still Asia too, where I am now, how much longer are you going to take to clear that too?
Maybe another 2 years?

" International customers who haven’t received their unit can always find our most accurate shipping date forecast at"
Like I had said before, if you are going to make another lie, then don’t bother saying it.
How is it accurate if it kept on changing? accurate by because we haven’t receive our machines, so whatever dates you guys like to put on there once in a while is considered accurate?

I don’t think your team should be clearing one by one, that’s serious poor management.
So now you plan to ship to Canada, and that’s when you go deal with the custom and logistic issues?

This comment here is a complain, and don’t tell me how sorry you are to all those you are delaying to. Such a long delay, I don’t even feel those coupons and discount and whatever you added to the product for the delays are even worth it anymore.