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I’m also interested in whether or not the $150 of PG materials come with our units and when we will be able to buy more with our credits @dan.


I’m in Australia and my date just went from October 15 2018 to January 15 2019. So disappointing. My original estimated date was April 2018 and every time the date gets close and bumps back again and again. Check your account to see what your new date is.


I agree. It is taking far too long. They either need to increase the monetary value of the compensation or for those people how only got the basic or plus models should be upgraded to a pro model. That might finally give Glowforge the motivation they need to get this sorted. I am in australia and import goods from all over the world. I have occasionally had to apply for special approvals for products but it is a simple process.


You can ask them to credit the amount back into your account.


@dan Is January 15th accurate for Australia? Or another typo like Canada?


Can we do that? That would help being patient :slight_smile:


Once the credit is finalised and applied to your account you can choose to spend it on pg materials or in the library or you can ask for it to be sent to your bank account.


This to me, is a game changer. It will go a long way to help being patient and to pay for custom clearance :slight_smile: Thanks for the info!


How do I go about getting my refund? The wait has been too long, too many delays without any conclusive answer as to when the final date is.


If you want to cancel your order you just need to send an email to the support team asking them to cancel it. They will refund the purchase amount.


Thanks for letting me know. I’d love to have it confirmed by someone from the company but they are not responding to my email so far.

I guess the one other bright side is that all of the kinks will be worked out by the time we get our machines and some things on the machine may be greatly improved. I think I saw something about improvements in the auto-focus. My date is still November 1 (I’m in Canada) so if I get it by Christmas (not counting on it) it will be a nice surprise.


You need to email support and they will sort it for you.




What the most accurate forecast is delate 3 months EVERY update!

NO explanation, NO details… Don’t say that I can refund, it let me feel that you just want us give-up and sell the stuff in higher price to others! That is what you do for your early supporter?


@dan The hardest part about this delay for me is that my date didn’t change over the past 2 updates so I was confident that I was going to receive my GF in October. So over the past 2-3 weeks I have put it a lot of effort to create a new business (name, logo, branding ideas) etc and have purchased the rights for specific web domains. That is money that is just wasting away because I can’t start a website. What would I put on it. “Coming Soon” “Maybe”.

But the worst bit is that I am required to give my current employer 6 weeks notice of resignation as per my contract which is what I did at the start of September. I have spoken to them about keeping my job but because they have already advertised my position they told me that I will be finishing on the 15th of October. I picked that date to finish up because that is the day GF was supposed to be contacting me to send me my own GF and I was going to then spend the next couple of weeks getting everything organised and setup ready to go.

I have also invested a few thousand dollars over the past few months starting a collection of different materials getting ready. So even if I wanted to cancel my GF order it makes no sense to because I will still be out of pocket for all the materials not to mention the office setup.

So in summary no GF, no job, no money.


If anyone else is considering speculatively quitting their job based on an estimated shipping date, please read through every update over the past 3 years and do the math.


Still no option for international Catalog ordering or news. the extension of our free credit is going to run out soon.


Also as a general rule… don’t quit your day job until you’re established enough to actually have enough revenue to pay your bills.

Going broke is a surefire way to go out of business. No cash == no raw stock to make things with!

At the end of the day you’ll have no one to blame but yourself. You can blame :glowforge: all you want (and yes there’s plenty to point the finger at in the way they’ve handled things) but they’re not responsible for your poor business decisions.


Andrew what do you mean by “the extension of our free credit is going to run out soon”?

I still have not had a response from Customer Service. I emailed them to ask what I could do with my credit if I wasn’t going to be able to use it to purchase PG materials.


Not sure what they will do this time but the company has extended the credit period in the past. They did it for the late domestic deliveries, they did it for the late EU deliveries.