Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)

If your devs aren’t reporting to the dev lead their progress, you have a broken process. Having been both roles, on a small team, yeah it takes time, but you have to do it or nobody can understand release schedules… I’ve been a developer since the 1980s and whether on mainframes, PCs or mobile, I’ve always had to report schedules and when my devs wouldn’t report status, I got rid of them, because that’s what being on a team means…


I have a Pro, I have Snapmarks. My preference is for the company to provide all the customers with certain core features. Don’t care if those help me or not. Deliver to the Basics first for all I care.


Working on programs for DoD i can understand the need to report that status of your progress in at least an email. But, to get rid of person causes even more issues with project. You either have to do the work yourself, another person has to pick up the slack or you get a new person. Now with the first two, that just adds additional work which requires additional time, which in the long run adds time and possibly money to the schedule as does the last which could require training or at least the time to bring them up to speed on the project. So if you were getting rid of your help just because they failed or forgot to report their status, that seems like a management problem and if my project manager did that, he would be right behind the other out the door. The best way to handle that is find out what the issue is first before you go off firing someone and possibly delaying the project cause you don’t want to deal with an issue that could be very simple to correct. But to each their own how they run their business, they know what works for them and the best way to make progress in their situation, just like Dan and his team, which seems to be working quite for them.

Just my dime…

Obviously not just for forgetting a status update, but more systemic refusal to keep me up to date. And since even as the chief, I still checked in more code than anyone else, I didn’t accept the “I’m to busy” excuse…

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40 years DoD, mostly as chief Engineer. I was the easiest going manager on the face of the planet. But everyone understood that we were a team and would work their asses off to meet performance and schedule. Agree with you. Not working with the team, find another project.


Reporting to another dev is quick and easy and doesn’t take all day, because they understand what you’re doing and don’t have to have every little thing simplified and explained in terms that allow them to have some grasp of what you’re talking about.

I had to give up developing, which was really what I loved and was good at, so I could spend my days shielding my team from management’s constant demands for detailed updates and give them a chance to actually accomplish the things we were doing that nobody had ever done before. They could tell me in 5 minutes what it would take the next 5 hours for me to explain and argue about with people who didn’t understand what we were doing enough to get why their ideas of how it should be done were completely impossible, not to mention constantly wanting us to cut corners to get it done faster.

I used to tell them all the time, “you don’t pay us enough to write bad code.” They never did understand what that meant.

Maybe that’s why I’m totally okay with waiting for a quality product and trusting the people who are the experts in how to make it happen to get it done in a way I will be happy with.

(It’s definitely a big part of why I am no longer in the tech industry!)


I’ve received the email telling me that the feature has been enabled, but the magnet does not appear on my tool panel. I’ve left the machine on for several hours in case there was an update. Is there any other trick I can try?

close your browser, clear the cache, and restart your browser. There is no firmware update for this that isn’t already there.

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Yeah I tried closing the browser, and using a different browser, still does not show up.

Have you had a replacement machine? If you have it may have been placed on the first one. Check and if it has, let @bonny know.

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This seems to be a common problem. Given that they say they’re working with individual machines and their calibration, you’d think they’d not work on data that was not updated in weeks… save time, and work on the ones that are generating data at least weekly if not daily…

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My preference not for them to deliver on a promised feature that pro users bought and they have not delivered. Your “warranty” analogy is flawed, everyone gets a car warranty and not everyone bought the pro. Yes, I am suggesting you should be left to fend for yourself wrt a feature you did not buy. Do you also expect cheese on your hamburger when others are buying cheeseburgers?

Sorry, @mark14, but your argument is flawed. Precision alignment was a “feature” to be (eventually) on all models so if you consider that there wasn’t a pro model even available in the very beginning, this argument doesn’t hold water.


Responding to nobody and everybody… these arguments speculating on how well or terribly Glowforge are spending their time and resources are getting waaaay out into the weeds. Could all participants in the melee please step back and take a few breaths?

I’ll humbly ask again, is there any way to take the ruckus posting somewhere else, leaving this thread to focus on the productive side of the Snapmarks discussion?

I’m not sure whether it’s a good sign or bad that nobody from the company has showed up here to calm this fracas down…

Best regards to you all.


:+1: right on. Stepping out of this one, now.


Agree precision alignment was also promised. IT is not clear that snapmarks delivers on the promise of precision alignment. IT appears to be a workaround at best for some issues related to alignment. .

i was speaking about passthrough which was a purchased option. What is clear is that they have described snapmarks as a poor man’s passthrough.

" With a little effort, it lets you use the Pro Passthrough even better than before."

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I don’t know that they have time or inclination to read it all. By this point, various individuals’ opinions are fairly well known. :wink:

And all the well-intentioned opinions offered don’t change one fact…the Snapmarks aren’t ready yet.

Every time they push an update, it has to be checked again. And sprinkled into the opining here, are a few stories about problems and issues that people are trying to get to Glowforge’s attention. If they get missed or overlooked because everyone wants to vent or offer opinions, it’s just going to delay things even further.

Nobody is going to change anybody else’s mind about what they think ought to be done or not done. But it might delay the process to keep discussing it here.

So yeah, I’d second the vote for just starting another thread where folks can discuss it to their heart’s content. This one needs to be accessible to the development team for locating and repairing problems.


Then here is a simple resolution, 1. sell the one you have and go buy another one for more money that will have the features you want or 2. Start your own company. But complaining about the features you do or don’t have will not solve the problem.

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One inch equals 25.4 millimeters, doesn’t it? From the post " Learn By Doing: Your First Prints and More - Snapmarks:"

“Note that each Snapmark need to be at exactly W0.332” x H0.405" (W8.437 mm x H10.279 mm). If they appear to be a different size in your design software, you can manually change their width and height."


0.332" * 25.4 = 8.4328 mm
0.405" * 25.4 = 10.287 mm

I’m going with the inch measurements, as that is what the fiducials from the Snapmark template came in as, after I selected “Use geometric bounding box” in Preferences - Tools.

Am I missing something with the metric dimensions listed in the post I mentioned?


I made 8 consecutive engraves using Snapmarks for alignment over yesterday and today, then, without the jig being moved at all, I’m getting the message about not having enough Snapmarks.
Any one else had this? I’ve cleaned the cameras.
They work brilliantly when they are picked up.