Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)


I don’t think I’d use any kind of add artwork.

Make sure that the bottom of the head is clean. That’s where the camera is located for identifying the micro-position of the Snapmarks.


Without the added reactangle I couldn’t get a piece small enough that I could move around on the bed to test the snapmarks. My hardboard is cut to 18 x 20.


In this case I hadn’t moved the snapmarks at all. Just added the rectangle to cut out that particular section.


I dragged the downloaded file directly to the Glowforge - no Inkscape or anything else. Scored the Snapmarks, moved the material slightly, hit the snap button and the placement of the Snapmarks to be re-scored was way off, just like yours. Also, after scanning for the Snapmarks, my printer head does not return to the upper left home position. It stays near the center, but behaves as if it was starting from the home position. The result is that it slams into the right railing trying to go too far right when trying to score the “snapped” artwork. :confused:


@rpegg is correct that currently, all artwork needs to be added and positioned in a design software prior to uploading the file. Artwork that gets added or edited after the upload will get reset when Snapmark is clicked. We are working on updating this behavior and should have an update shortly so that you can add or edit artwork after the upload. But for now, edits and additions will have to be done first in your design software.


@bonny, but what about the inability to put the snapmark template file in the design software to add that rectangle to it?

Whenever I’ve put the snapmark template into inkscape to try and get it to work, it won’t recognize the snapmarks afterwards, even though by my calipers they are accurate to 3 decimal places.


As for the previous failures you encountered, from the log it looks like those design files contained Snapmarks that were smaller in size (0.322 in x 0.392 in). Since the program looks for a precise match in the design file, it was not able to find enough Snapmarks. I know you mentioned in the earlier post that you resized them in Inkscape to the template size of .332" x .405", but could it be that those changes did not get persisted?


I had a hellacious time getting the PDF snapmarks to come out the right size. I now have a working set saved in an SVG file – happy to share with others who are struggling with the PDF like I did. (1.8 KB)

Hope this helps!

Snapmark template for Vectorworks

It did actually claim “better optics” whatever that means (since the pros are also off by 0.25", but maybe their misalignment is more professionally misaligned, than my simple amateur misalignment?)


I will have to try that tonight, @bonny and I tried some things last night, but ultimately unsuccessful getting snapmarks to work for me


I think that was meant in regards to the laser optics (windows, lens, mirror), but I don’t know which of those is different. The lens, accessible windows and mirror are the same in the Shop for pro and basic.


The advantage of vague statements is they can mean anything…


i think it’s even more vague (at least now) than laser optics.

Choose the most powerful and capable Glowforge. The Glowforge Pro is the same size but can print enormous objects with the Pro Passthrough slot, and has upgraded cooling for all-day use. It also features upgraded components and increased laser power to print up to 20% faster than the Basic, and has double the warranty. Class 4 laser product.

so… literally, “upgraded components,” whatever that means.


Those are the components that were made by the Top Men!




Hi Jules i got a question how i can update my GF firmware and where i can check what version i have


The good news is…updates are all automatic. Whenever you first turn on your machine, if there are any firmware updates, they will load (and possibly restart the machine) before the Startup calibration begins.

So you don’t have to do anything. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you do you know how to check the software version i have on my GF


There is some way to dump a log file which might have a version number, but it is a bit of a pain.

There’s almost no point in looking for your software version, though. When you turn the machine on, it updates if there is an update available. Unless they add a new feature, the company doesn’t tell us what’s in the updates.


They have been sending out an email to Beta testers letting them know that they have activated the Snapmarks function on their machines.

But you can also check just by looking at the interface header…if you have a little Magent icon on the header, you have access to the Snapmarks function: