Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)


I am using snapmark a lot for mini mass production, engraving names in my wooden angels. It works very well and it´s a real blessing for me.
I noticed that the snapmark scan doesn´t work when there is too much light coming from outside. Sunlight is the worst, sometimes it says “Loong good, ready for printing” but it´s not good at all, the layout is twisted or it says that the snapmarks do not fit even if I never move them and use the same jig all the time.
Now I just cover up the lid and it seems to work fine now.


I found this to be 100% of my problem as well.


Not to Me-3; but it bears underscoring for anybody wishing good results.
I’m not suggesting that @teorourke doesn’t have an actual problem…
I’m just suggesting that I didn’t reeeallly care about those two little windows before, and now they are part of the “quick clean” regimen: mirrors, lenses, lid camera, and those two little windows.


sigh Can I have snapmarks PLEASE? @bonny


Me toooooooooooo!


Just a heads up… I have an 11hr engrave that is split into sections. I’m engraving on thick clear acrylic so thought it a good idea to add the Snapmarks just in case. I was curious if the camera could pick them up. It didn’t. Black Sharpie to the rescue! No problem now.


Snapmarks! This thread is making me drool with the possibilities! I love the silverware idea — wonder how long the color will stay on the silverware???


so you’re saying…snapmarks = angels = blessings ???


My tests of mustard are still visible. (November 2017)
My tests of homebrew cermark still look decent. I don’t know how long ago I did them. Spring?
My test pieces are the everyday mismatched hodgepodge that we use and wash every single day. So months at least…


I just gave away a couple sets of silverware I had ----I think I have one that is plain (I hope that is the one I saved) because it would be fun to play with these and see what I can come up with! Do you hand wash or dishwasher wash? Thanks!


Dishwasher, baby. I don’t coddle anything in my kitchen. There is no decor that isn’t also useful. Anything that isn’t dishwasher safe doesn’t last. If you can’t take the heat…


Still wishing Snapmarks shows up soon. Maybe Santa will bring it?




@bonny Any chance someone can look at my data and see if something is wrong with my machine?

I thought I would try Snapmark again. I’m still seeing the same results. It is off to the bottom right of the scored snap mark.

MacOS Majove 10.14
Safari Version 12.0 (14606.

I tried with PG Med. Draftboard.

Score Snapmark with draft setting, score rectangle with highest speed and lowest power at 4:25 Pacific

4:27 Ran snap mark without moving the material

4:29 Ran again scoring both the Snapmark and rectangle with highest speed and lowest power

You can see that the second time I ran the Snapmark and rectangle oare off.

Snapmark_Beta_-_Pencil_Tutorial (1.2 KB)


Might put a caliper to your draftboard and check the thickness of it.


Measured at 0.126 inches.


Hi cchhun, thanks for sending this in. At a glance the file and set up looks correct. The team is digging into your logs to take a further look and I’ll get back to you once we know more.


I was thinking it might be a contrast issue on your original jig.
My first jig was made with the aluminum/black ABS. I had to paint it as one side was reflective and the other was black on black!


Why are you using Safari?


It’s my default browser. I’ve tried chrome previously with the same results.