Introducing Snapmark (September 2018)


Understood. I use Safari for a lot of things, but not for the Glowforge. I know it goes in the “Have you tried turning it off and back on again” category of troubleshooting, but Safari has been known in the past to create alignment issues.

I’ve been in and out of the forums for a while, but last I heard Chrome was Glowforges preferred browser does anyone know if Safari is now cleared for flight?

Speaking of support-are we actually getting any support from Glowforge on this thread?
921 posts and rising, The only staff I see in here is Dan. Although it’s great we get to help each other out, this thread is a bit unwieldy, to the point where it almost should get it’s own category.


@bonny is point on this and has been interacting.


Staff posts here are a little hard to find, since they aren’t highlighted in yellow like they are in the support category.
I see 2 posts 8 days ago, the rest seem to go a ways back.
I know when I posted, I received no response.


Has anyone got the Snapmarks in the past few days/weeks? Are they still delivering the Feature to machines which are allready in customers hands since 1+ year? Im still hoping for getting a GF-Snapmarks Christmas-Present :slight_smile:


Several people on Facebook said they had received it (in the past few days).


Oh thank you, good to know :wink:


I used to have to use Chrome to talk to my Glowforge but I’ve been using Safari for the past six months or so. They fixed the last few compatibility problems a long time ago.


I haven’t had any problems with Firefox.


I’ve used Safari since I started using my GF in Jan/Feb of this year. I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue. (Aside from my Snapmarks not working at all, but I don’t think that’s browser-related.)


I got mine two days ago, and used them for the first time yesterday. They were just in time for Christmas projects!


Great to hear :slight_smile:
So I wait and hope further :wink:


What does it take to get snapmarks? I read these posts and see more and more individuals working with it yet still I struggle working without it. I believe that I paid the same amount for my Pro as others and the same amount for the ProofGrade material and yet others have the feature and I do not.


It’s in the original post.
It’s based on your machine and it’s calibration data.


It is frustrating but if you haven’t read Dan’s intro it bears repeating: Snapmark isn’t a “feature.” It sure looks like one, but it’s an experiment.

There is not even any guarantee that the people who have it now will get to keep it. They made it clear they could pull the plug at any time.

However, the experiment began in September. We’ve been using the not-feature for months now, so I am finally a little optimistic about the not-feature being promoted to a real feature.

(I’m not defending the approach to releasing this non-feature. I think it is pretty poor, in fact. But we all have to live with the uncertainty. I feel bad for the people using Snapmark for business needs, unsure if they get to keep it! )


I think my alignment is getting worse…pretty sure it’s far more than 1/4" off at the edges, lately. But I’m reluctant to actually measure and see, because it might mean giving up my snapmarks.

Priorities are HARD. :frowning:



Okay, this is not directed at any one person, like most rants, you should know if it applies to you.
People, quit acting like Smapmarks are magic and the one thing holding you back from doing great things.
Knowledge and skills are far more important than this little tool, don’t get me wrong, it is quite handy for jigs and print-and-cut but anything you can do with Snapmarks you can do without them.
People are claiming that they can’t do passthrough without them, I figured out passthrough and decided that snapmarks just added unneeded complexity and haven’t used them for that.
If you can’t do something without snapmarks… you still won’t be able to with them because both with and without you need to understand how the :glowforge: aligns work.



Well said.

I had Snapmarks on my original Pro. It went back home to the mothership and was replaced. No Snapmarks on the replacement.

I’m still doing everything I’ve always done with it. Just differently.


^^^ This

I know it seems like good alignment isn’t possible without snapmarks, but it is. I developed my workflow without them and have no issues getting anything done I need to do. I don’t blame folks for wanting things to be easier, but there’s always a learning curve and sometimes struggling through and learning how to get things down without the shortcuts helps out in the long run.


Great addition to my rant that I left out because, well, I was ranting.
I do hope that Snapmarks stay and everyone gets them, I do, I just don’t want people to hold up doing cool things or be sourly disapointed when the do get them.


Also worth noting that Snapmarks were created during the development of the pass through software - they aren’t the actual pass through software.

They were described in their release as a way to create reusable jigs- though we have used them for a multitude of other purposes, like print and cut, pass through, etc.

Using the Snapmarks for pass through still isn’t just automatic set it and forgot it. You have to figure out how to break your designs up properly (which can be more difficult than it sounds with both vectors and rasters. You have to work within the limitations of where they can be on the bed, etc.