Inventables code help

reading up on this, i understand i was supposed to get an Inventables code when i received my proofgrade material ship notification. since i was completely surprised when my material showed up, i do not recall getting that email. would the customer support team be able to send me a code or direct me to what i need to do, to get one please?

Check your spam folder first. This is where most people with your reported issue find theirs. Please also check that you are eligible for the promotion as several users have found they did not get one because they ordered after the offer expired.

i am eligible and it is not in my Spam folder.

your inventables code should have been in the email that told you your proofgrade was on the way.

Also check your promotions folder if you’re using Gmail.

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@KLieb007, I’m sorry to hear that email didn’t reach you! You should have just received an additional email from us with your unique Inventables code.

If the email doesn’t reach you. Please write in directly to so we can make sure we get you your code.

Happy printing!

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