Inventables Code

I emailed last week, but no response. I received my GF last Friday, but no code for Inventables. Supposedly it was in the email sent for the tracking of the proofgrade box, but I never got a tracking for that. It just landed on my porch one day. How do I get hold of that code?

I can’t tell you, cause it was different for the PRU users, we got ours with the test machines. It should have been in one of the communications from Rita though, if you saved all of those. Before you got the machine but after you got the Golden Email. (They were still working out the order of what to send when for a while after the launch. Don’t know which one had it.)

My Inventables code was in the body of the Proofgrade shipping notification email toward the bottom. It also said it expires at the end of January 2018, so I ordered more stuff from Inventables yesterday to use up the credit. I added over $100 to my cart to try to get free shipping, but it appears they aren’t doing that right now.

You don’t see the shipping credit until you check out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I was checking out using PayPal, and I never know if PayPal will send me back to the site, make me log in 3 different times, or just give me an order confirmation after navigating to the PayPal site from wherever I’m buying. I was just ordering to use the credit, not having had a chance to try their materials yet, so I didn’t want to commit to $100+ of random materials if there was no way to get the free shipping. I think when I ordered last time, the free shipping showed up before I checked out. I found a post on their forum from someone else who didn’t see the free shipping for an order over $100 with responses from others who were surprised to even hear of such an offer. So, $7 to ship $39 worth of materials from Chicago to Chicago, and $4 in tax cost me a little over 40 cents after the code.

If the email was not diverted to your spam folder, depending in what email system you are using, you might be able to search your inbox for “inventables” to find the one with the code

I’ve searched in every obvious folder. Inbox/junk/clutter/Glowforge… I just plain didn’t get an email for tracking the free box of proofgrade. And, therefore no inventables code.

Send a note to Support, they’ll get it for you.

I emailed them already, but thought I’d try this too. It seemed like last week that I sent the email, but checked and it was only Sunday. I should be more patient.

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Just deleted my problem, and posted email to support.
Could someone spell out the expiry conditions of the code etc., and if the end date varies with date of receiving the initial free package ?
Support have sorted my problem for me. Many thanks.

Oh no! It looks like our response didn’t reach you. I’ve resent the email with your Inventables code, could you post here and let me know if you receive it?

Yay, yay, YAY! It’s in my inbox. Oddly, the other one still isn’t. Thank you for following up.

The email mentions the rubber band drone. When will the plans for that make their way to the catalog?

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You’re very welcome, I’m glad I could help.

Unfortunately, we haven’t finished adding that design to the catalog yet, but we will add all the designs from the video in the future - and when we do, you’ll receive them free of charge!

I’m going to close this thread. If the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!