Inventables Deal

In case you aren’t signed up for the Inventables mailing list - If you spend $100 in their online store in the month of December, they will send you a $100 gift card in January. They claim it applies to any item in their online store.


one wonders if this is a typo, or actually a gift card from last holiday season… from that page:

Does the gift card expire?
Yes, but you’ll have almost a full year to put it to use. The gift card will expire on 1/1/18.

I think typo, because that page on their site was edited today. They probably just forgot to update that date.


I just got the email from them today promoting the deal, so I’m going with a typo.

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I just sent an email to their Support Team asking about it. I’ll let you know what I find out. Thanks for letting me know about this! I was unaware.

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If you are on their mailing list, you’ll probably be getting the email soon. I only received the email about 40 minutes ago.

Need a special code or anything, or are they just going to give it to everybody who spends $100

I though I was signed up, but didn’t get anything.

They didn’t list a code in their email or on the FAQ page.

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They already updated the expiration date to 1/1/19

I was not on their list. I’ve not thought about that kind of thing…needing materials.

I just heard back from Inventables:
Sorry for the trouble - our marketing team had a typo. It is for 2019, you are correct. We’ve fixed it and it should be all set!

Paul Stolz
Customer Success Specialist
Inventables, Inc.


I got the email today and I will be ordering some things. I have been a customer of theirs for a couple of years and was a preorder Carvey person. I think they are a good business. They used to offer free shipping on orders over $100, but that discount seems to be gone.

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Just placed my order. Didn’t really need anything since I just got an order of Proofgrade but this deal was too good to miss.

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Must be very recent then. I ordered 2 weeks ago and got free shipping. Might have even taken it off figuring “hey, we are already giving you $100 in gift cards, you don’t need free shipping too”. Can’t say I blame them if they did.

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Their free shipping usually disappears when they have big sales.

Does anybody know if the $100 in December can be paid partly from the $50 Inventables gift code from Glowforge? Not that I have my code yet — I got my Glowforge today but won’t get the second box until Monday and I have no idea when the Proofgrade box with the code in it is coming.

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The Inventables gift certificate code is in an email, not the Proofgrade box. Congrats on getting your forge.

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Ouch. I dropped $300 on acrylic with them on Thursday 11/30. :tired_face:

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Call them to be sure. I would suspect the answer is “yes”, because the $100 shipping discount applied even after I applied the $50 gift certificate to my order balance. It’s a gift certificate (form of payment) not a coupon.


Do you need to be on the list already or will I get the offer if I sign up now? I see no sign of this deal on the site.

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From the email I received they just linked to the FAQ page I listed at the start of this thread. After that I saw no mention of the deal on their site.

You can email their support team to see if there is anything else you need to do.