Inventables Gift Code not working?! $0 Balance

Just tried using my Inventables code to get an order in before January & get the free $100 offer from Inventables. It’s telling me that the code has a $0 balance?!
Anyone else run into this?
Now I won’t be able to reach someone at Glowforge or Inventables until both offers have expired.
I double and triple checked the code(It’s recognized as a valid code). I literally just signed up at Inventables. It’s impossible to have been used by me already.
Is it possible that Glowforge sent a duplicate code to me or that the code was never activated/filled?
Is this maybe on Inventables end?

It’s on Inventables end. When I went to use my code, I discovered it was expired so I called them up and they reset the expiry date to allow me to use it.


Where do we get the inventables code? I don’t think I got mine yet.

The code comes in the email after you confirm you want delivery of your Glowforge.

How odd! Thanks for letting us know right away.

You should have just received an email from us with a new unique Inventables gift code. If you need anything else, please just create a new post or respond to our email at