Inventables "Gift"


Welp…I finally heard back from Glowforge with my Inventables coupon code (my proofgrade box showed up by surprise, so I didn’t have an email with the code in it) and I go to use my wonderful $50 and I ordered 2) 12"x12" sheets of 1/4" Delrin and the shipping to AK is $26!!! And no other shipping options available?! So I guess I will only get one small sheet of Delrin and use the rest to pay for the shipping. Jeez…



Unfortunately I think Inventables only uses UPS for shipping to US addresses. And UPS to Alaska (or Hawaii) is expensive.

They use USPS to send orders to other countries. They should probably make that an option for AK and HI orders too, as I’m sure it would be cheaper. (And I’d like it as an option for all orders, so I could choose to have them delivered to my PO box.)


You can also spend $100 and get free shipping.




? Must just be the 48 then, I’ve always gotten free shipping by spending 100.
So I guess you got a $25 dollar gift.


What’s this about an invetables gift? In the email about the proofgrade shipping? Or in the proofgrade box?


Did everyone here buy all the 1/4 hardwood from them? Because I have been waiting months to complete my order.


Should be a code in one of your emails.


If you’re like me and the Proofgrade materials showed up by surprise, you can contact GF support and they will send you another Inventables coupon code.


That is what I am going to have to do. I got no such email.



Same thing happened to me. Email support and they will make it right.