Inventables glitter acrylic settings?

Anyone have settings that work for them for Inventables glitter acrylic? (using silver) I’ve gotten it to cut using the black PG settings, which is fine for large areas, but if you get into detail (like text) then it starts to get kind of yellowed & melty-looking. I found an Inventables suggestion of 30/90 for a 40w, but that doesn’t even begin to do it.

Anyone have something that works for them & save me a ton of experimenting?


I have a Pro with 45w, and plan to use the same acrylic for small trinkets so I’d also be interested in knowing a good setting to cut to minimize material spoilage

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Here was a successful use:

He didn’t mention settings but I’ll bet he’d be glad to tell you if you ask.


Thanks! @jws - care to share what settings you used? Although I have a feeling that’s big enough to fall under my “large areas look fine”. Where I’m hitting issues is on text in the 1/2" tall range.

I used the same settings as proofgrade medium clear acrylic for cutting. Worked fine.

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Sure!! I also put them on the Google Doc somebody started. Here you go:

115 Speed 97 Power Cut Pro


Do you know where that doc is? I’m looking but cant find it. Haha.

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That’s what I ended up using but added +5 on the speed. Haven’t tried jws’s settings yet. I also had to bulk up some of my text. I was doing small text and where the laser made hard turns, like on ends of the letter C and at the top of a d, it got the ends kind of goopy looking. (and go figure, what I was cutting had three C’s and one d)

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The :proofgrade: settings are a little conservative, to make sure things get cut even with a little material or crumb tray variation. So effectively the settings for the two materials are identical. I haven’t found any real difference in the settings for the different acrylic colors - just the thicknesses.

Those don’t translate directly into GF zooms & pews. You need to use the spreadsheet they came out with back in June to help convert from the old IPM/% Power to the new unit-less values. They’re not linear - i.e. 100 power is not 100% nor is it twice 50 power.

Here you go, Jeremy.


Holy crap! Haha, how did I miss this! Thanks!

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I’m consistently amazed by the generosity of the Glowforge community. Thanks to all who’ve contributed to tools like these (and tutorials, and open designs, and, and, and…) :trophy:


Very belated thanks for sharing this! I got the ruby acrylic from Inventables and these settings worked perfect on my GF basic