Inventables two color ABS plastic

Try 2 (much LESS melty)
I used the 8th" white acrylic preset with 2 passes

full power
2(two) passes

I used the presets for ENGRAVING (vectors/textonly)
2 passes<i changed to 2
Problems: the color from the top layer gets left behind and stains the inner layer, but just a little bit. kinda looks cool but its not “clean”
for instance, white acrylic with red top. the engrave looks white with a pinkish hue.

I don’t know what you are trying to make, but there are a couple of users on here who have some really dialed in settings if you wanted to try those. I’ve used these with huge success, though it takes alot of time:

The middle is 2-colored plastic with glossy black and gold underneath from Trotec laser. It’s 1/16th an inch.

I haven’t tried the settings below yet, but I’ve also heard good things. I tried the first set mostly because I was engraving something huge and it came out perfect. But I’m going to try these later for smaller items:


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