Inviting friend to 'forge: Which email to use?

I’m going to invite a fellow owner to 'forge with me while she waits for her unit to arrive, but I’m wary of inviting the “wrong” address.

She ordered with Yahoo
She wants to use Gmail

Would it be better to invite her ordered-with “owner” email, or the non-GF-related address? I’m curious what happens when she gets her unit and she’s already been using account A or B.

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I don’t think it should matter.

If she uses the email associated with GF, then she should have access to both hers and yours once it comes in. If she uses a different email, it will just make a new account. Both will work for trying it out.


I’m so sorry for the delay in my response.

Like @joe posted, if you invite your friend using the Gmail address (not the one she ordered with) she will have a separate account and will have to log in to her new account via a different email and password.