iPad App for Drawing Single lines in SVG files

Looking for an iPad app that we can draw with where the drawn lines are not fill but actual single lines.

We have tried a few but seem to consistently be having the problem that they are filled shapes.

Any idea/links/search suggestions would be most welcome.

More Details
  • iPad Pro w/ apple pencil
  • Paid ok but would prefer not to have any subscriptions
  • output should be SVG
  • Windows apps with the same criteria would be ok as a second choice
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Which ones?

You need a vector editor for ipad.

I trust you did this:


There is a good bit of discussion about it… none of that applied?

There are a couple of iPad users on here. Vectornator seems to come up, have you tried that?

I loaded it to test a while back, seemed like it would do what you are asking.


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If you go to the APP Store and search SVG a lot of apps come up some good some bad…

Yes this is the one we have been trying to make work. Can’t figure out how to either not have it fill or not have it smooth out the lines too much.

Yea that’s why I figured I’d ask here. I don’t mind paying for apps. But I do mind paying for apps that I don’t like

On of our current projects is to trace and or draw an image. Our goal is to have them become score lines.

I’ve got all of those. I didn’t really like any of them until Illustrator for iPad finally was released a month ago. What you are talking about (making a traced vector cut line) is so easy in Illustrator by just hand tracing with the Pencil tool then tweaking the individual anchor points with the Direct Selection tool. If they have a trial version (I don’t know because I’m already an Adobe CC subscriber), you should give it a try.

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I don’t have an ipad and I haven’t used Vectornaor, however, I use Affiinity Designer and when drawing artwork with a stylus the lines smooth too much. Here is my translation of what I found out when I got completely frustrated trying to create drawn art in a vector program:

There should be some sort of “smoothing” setting which can be adjusted up and down, and Affinity has a choice of 2 different ways that it smooths. in Affinity, this can’t be zero.

Vector programs are not Paint programs so work differently with how they handle your pen strokes. Vector programs lay down nodes and you can change the “bendiness” of the lines by moving nodes and adjusting the handles to shape the curves. Once you draw your line, have a look at the nodes and see what it did to “help” you. I was drawing ovals and the software was only creating 3 nodes - they didn’t end up looking like the oval that I drew.

I found that I couldn’t draw artwork in Affinity Designer in the vector mode, I had to change to paint mode (I don’t think I have the names right…). This results in not having vectors, but having an outcome that I like that is digital.

What artists do to create vectors of their artwork is to import it as a jpg / png / whatever and then trace the artwork with the pen tool and adjust the nodes to create vectors of it.

In short, you may not be able to draw exactly what you want in a vector program, but you should be able to adjust the nodes and / or trace an image to get a vector.

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thanks for the input.

I ended up paying for this one $9

So far so good, when I did my test, the line lays down with the path down the center. There are settings to put the path center, inside, or outside of your drawn line. So you kind of get the best of both worlds. You can turn smoothing down to 0 so that should help.

Thanks for the input and feedback. I will book mark this for a month from now, and come back and post a follow up.

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