iPads and Engravings


No, not engraved iPads, but iPads as the source of engravings!

Inspired by a post where someone mentioned tossing the iPad into the bed as the source of a trace, I tried the same using the iOrnament geometric pattern designer software from the App Store.

Works a charm!

(The patterns don’t quite match because I forgot to save in my excitement. :slight_smile: )


Sigh! Now i’m going to have to check that out too. :smile:


I can use this, Thanks! Also credit to the first post on iPad hack.


A trace from my Pixel C Android tablet was one of the first things I did when I first got the pre-release. back in April last year.
Look at that brand new tray without a smudge on it.

Just recently did another for my G+ collection.


Wow … very cool pattern! I will definitely have to take a look at this!


That’s gorgeous. Still has that new car smell…


I wish I had kept that tray now, the contrast made things easier to see.


Why did I never think of just putting it in there to trace?! Brilliant!


That trace feature is a unique innovation of the glowforge that the camera and computer vision enable. :sunglasses:

Opens up a lot of possibilities. :crazy_face::star_struck:


I wish I could claim I thought of it. Saw it in the forum and smacked myself for not doing so. :slight_smile:

I mostly made this post because (a) iOrnament is very very cool and (b) to remind others of the obvious awesomeness that is a GF + tablet.


You can find more info about the pattern generator app here.

It is truly quite stunning. I played with it for a few minutes last night (it is the Creator variant of the two apps) and came up with all kinds of very cool textures!!


I enjoyed reading your blog, my condolences on the passing of your Mom.


Thank you. I really need to get back to blogging. Got a ton of projects that need to be written up (including many laser projects).

Mom’s life was one very well lived. May we all live such a rich and long life!


Settings and examples over here: