iPad engraving settings

I engraved some test swatches on the back of an old iPad as a test.

Any speed from 800-1000 and a power level of 80 - FULL work fine. I’m leaning to a speed of 1000 @ 90 pews as that should be universal to basic and pro (testing was on a pro) while also being as fast as possible.




Appreciate your settings … have it bookmarked! Thank you.

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Thank you. And, great artwork!

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looks good, was to worried to try this on my new pro, this vary power option? or did you do the dots?

Straight black and white input image with vary power selected.

I doubt your warranty will like lasering much. :wink:

awesome, thanks I figured thats what you did.

Has anyone tried engraving over an apple-customized inscription on the back of an iPad or iPhone? My husband wants me to use the glowforge to “cover” his info before he sells his old iPad, but I’m worried the customization will just be a deeper-cut layer if I do a solid over it… another thought was doing a few passes of random letters over it to just make it illegible… thoughts? Advice?

It’ll just end up a solid or the randomized pattern. It won’t create a deeper engrave. It’s just going to ablate whatever wasn’t already engraved.


Engrave a design on PG veneer and cover it up. That stuff’s pretty darned permanent, AND you can charge more for the iPad. :wink:


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hello I am wondering how you get the design to avoid the apple sign

I cut the apple shape out of the center in my design. :slight_smile: