IRONLAK Acrylic spray paint

Came across some cool paint at Hobby Lobby. It wasn’t in the standard spray paint cabinet, it was with the art supplies. Beautiful colors and I made my first test just a bit ago and it covered really nicely. I like the environmental aspect of it too.


All right stop it already. MORE stuff for me to buy! GEEZ! :sunglasses:


Now if the company would just add Bail Bond coverage with the purchase of each can for when you get arrested by the police for tagging, it would become the perfect spray paint product! :slight_smile: :rofl:


Ironlak Part 3 video

How was the price?

I wonder if there’s an MSDS. Might be good to prepaint them ablate.

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Just like anything, depends on the model. The cans seem to go from $5.75 to $20USD or more.

126 different colors with the regular Ironlak colors.

I paid $6 at Hobby Lobby and went back for more today. The stuff is really great.


Here they are